2 Broke Girls
Name 2 Broke Girls
Premiere 9-18-2011
Status Ended
Rating 7.3
Network CBS
Schedule Day Monday
Language English
Genres Comedy
# 124

2 Broke Girls

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2 Broke Girls is a comedy about two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner who strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business - if only they can raise the cash. Sassy, streetwise Max Black works two jobs just to get by, one of which is waiting tables during the night shift at the retro-hip Williamsburg Diner. Sophisticated Caroline Channing is an uptown trust fund princess who's having a run of bad luck that forces her to reluctantly give waitressing a shot. At first, Max sees Caroline as yet another in a long line of inept servers she must cover for, but she's surprised to find that Caroline has as much substance as she does style.

When Caroline discovers Max's knack for baking amazing cupcakes, she sees a lucrative future for them, but first they need to raise the start-up money. While they save their tips, they'll stay at the restaurant, working with Oleg, an overly flirtatious Russian cook; Earl, a 75-year-old kool-kat cashier; and Han Lee, the new, eager-to-please owner of the diner. Working together, these two broke girls living in one expensive city might just find the perfect recipe for their big break.

Season 6

S06E22 Airdate 04-17-2017

And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie

S06E21 Airdate 04-10-2017

And the Rock Me on the Dais

S06E20 Airdate 03-20-2017

And the Alley-Oops

S06E19 Airdate 03-13-2017

And the Baby and Other Things

S06E18 Airdate 02-27-2017

And the Dad Day Afternoon

S06E17 Airdate 02-20-2017

And the Jessica Shmessica

S06E16 Airdate 02-13-2017

And the Tease Time

S06E15 Airdate 02-06-2017

And the Turtle Sense

S06E14 Airdate 01-23-2017

And the Emergency Contractor

S06E13 Airdate 01-16-2017

And the Stalking Dead

S06E12 Airdate 01-02-2017

And the Riverboat Runs Through It

S06E11 Airdate 12-19-2016

And the Planes, Fingers and Automobiles

S06E10 Airdate 12-12-2016

And the Himmicane

S06E09 Airdate 12-05-2016

And the About Facetime

S06E08 Airdate 11-21-2016

And the Duck Stamp

S06E07 Airdate 11-14-2016

And the Sophie Doll

S06E06 Airdate 11-07-2016

And the Rom-Commie

S06E05 Airdate 10-31-2016

And the College Experience

S06E04 Airdate 10-24-2016

And the Godmama Drama

S06E03 Airdate 10-17-2016

And the 80's Movie

S06E02 Airdate 10-10-2016

And the Two Openings: Part Two

S06E01 Airdate 10-10-2016

And the Two Openings: Part One

Season 5

S05E22 Airdate 05-12-2016

And the Big Gamble

S05E21 Airdate 05-05-2016

And the Ten Inches

S05E20 Airdate 04-28-2016

And the Partnership Hits the Fan

S05E19 Airdate 04-21-2016

And the Attack of the Killer Apartment

S05E18 Airdate 04-14-2016

And the Loophole

S05E17 Airdate 04-07-2016

And the Show and Don't Tell

S05E16 Airdate 03-31-2016

And the Pity Party Bus

S05E15 Airdate 03-10-2016

And the Great Escape

S05E14 Airdate 03-03-2016

And You Bet Your Ass

S05E13 Airdate 02-25-2016

And the Lost Baggage

S05E12 Airdate 02-18-2016

And the Story Telling Show

S05E11 Airdate 02-10-2016

And the Booth Babes

S05E10 Airdate 02-03-2016

And the No New Friends

S05E09 Airdate 01-27-2016

And the Sax Problem

S05E08 Airdate 01-20-2016

And the Basketball Jones

S05E07 Airdate 01-13-2016

And the Coming Out Party

S05E06 Airdate 01-06-2016

And the Not Regular Down There

S05E05 Airdate 12-17-2015

And the Escape Room

S05E04 Airdate 12-10-2015

And the Inside Outside Situation

S05E03 Airdate 11-26-2015

And the Maybe Baby

S05E02 Airdate 11-19-2015

And the Gym and Juice

S05E01 Airdate 11-12-2015

And the Wrecking Ball

Season 4

S04E22 Airdate 05-18-2015

And the Disappointing Unit

S04E21 Airdate 05-11-2015

And the Grate Expectations

S04E20 Airdate 05-04-2015

And the Minor Problem

S04E19 Airdate 04-27-2015

And the Look of the Irish

S04E18 Airdate 04-20-2015

And the Taste Test

S04E17 Airdate 04-13-2015

And the High Hook-Up

S04E16 Airdate 03-30-2015

And the Zero Tolerance

S04E15 Airdate 03-23-2015

And the Fat Cat

S04E14 Airdate 03-09-2015

And the Cupcake Captives

S04E13 Airdate 02-23-2015

And the Great Unwashed

S04E12 Airdate 02-16-2015

And the Knock Off Knockout

S04E11 Airdate 02-09-2015

And the Crime Ring

S04E10 Airdate 02-02-2015

And the Move-In Meltdown

S04E09 Airdate 01-19-2015

And the Past and the Furious

S04E08 Airdate 01-05-2015

And the Fun Factory

S04E07 Airdate 12-15-2014

And a Loan for Christmas

S04E06 Airdate 12-08-2014

And the Model Apartment

S04E05 Airdate 11-24-2014

And the Brand Job

S04E04 Airdate 11-17-2014

And the Old Bike Yarn

S04E03 Airdate 11-10-2014

And the Childhood Not Included

S04E02 Airdate 11-03-2014

And the DJ Face

S04E01 Airdate 10-27-2014

And the Reality Problem

Season 3

S03E24 Airdate 05-05-2014

And the First Degree

S03E23 Airdate 04-28-2014

And the Free Money

S03E22 Airdate 04-21-2014

And the New Lease on Life

S03E21 Airdate 04-14-2014

And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake

S03E20 Airdate 03-24-2014

And the Not Broke Parents

S03E19 Airdate 03-17-2014

And the Kilt Trip

S03E18 Airdate 03-03-2014

And the Near Death Experience

S03E17 Airdate 02-24-2014

And the Married Man Sleepover

S03E16 Airdate 02-03-2014

And the ATM

S03E15 Airdate 01-27-2014

And the Icing on the Cake

S03E14 Airdate 01-20-2014

And the Dumpster Sex

S03E13 Airdate 01-13-2014

And the Big But

S03E12 Airdate 12-16-2013

And the French Kiss

S03E11 Airdate 12-02-2013

And the Life After Death

S03E10 Airdate 11-25-2013

And the First Day of School

S03E09 Airdate 11-18-2013

And the Pastry Porn

S03E08 Airdate 11-11-2013

And the 'It' Hole

S03E07 Airdate 11-04-2013

And the Girlfriend Experience

S03E06 Airdate 10-28-2013

And the Piece of Sheet

S03E05 Airdate 10-21-2013

And the Cronuts

S03E04 Airdate 10-14-2013

And the Group Head

S03E03 Airdate 10-07-2013

And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank

S03E02 Airdate 09-30-2013

And the Kickstarter

S03E01 Airdate 09-23-2013

And the Soft Opening

Season 2

S02E24 Airdate 05-13-2013

And the Window of Opportunity

S02E23 Airdate 05-06-2013

And the Tip Slip

S02E22 Airdate 04-29-2013

And the Extra Work

S02E21 Airdate 04-15-2013

And the Worst Selfie Ever

S02E20 Airdate 03-25-2013

And the Big Hole

S02E19 Airdate 03-18-2013

And the Temporary Distraction

S02E18 Airdate 02-25-2013

And Not-So-Sweet Charity

S02E17 Airdate 02-18-2013

And the Broken Hip

S02E16 Airdate 02-11-2013

And Just Plane Magic

S02E15 Airdate 02-04-2013

And the Psychic Shakedown

S02E14 Airdate 01-21-2013

And Too Little Sleep

S02E13 Airdate 01-14-2013

And the Bear Truth

S02E12 Airdate 12-17-2012

And the High Holidays

S02E11 Airdate 12-10-2012

And the Silent Partner

S02E10 Airdate 12-10-2012

And the Big Opening

S02E09 Airdate 12-03-2012

And the New Boss

S02E08 Airdate 11-26-2012

And the Egg Special

S02E07 Airdate 11-19-2012

And the Three Boys with Wood

S02E06 Airdate 11-12-2012

And the Candy Manwich

S02E05 Airdate 11-05-2012

And the Pre-Approved Credit Card

S02E04 Airdate 10-15-2012

And the Cupcake War

S02E03 Airdate 10-08-2012

And the Hold-Up

S02E02 Airdate 10-01-2012

And the Pearl Necklace

S02E01 Airdate 09-24-2012

And the Hidden Stash

Season 1

S01E24 Airdate 05-07-2012

And Martha Stewart Have a Ball: Part Two

S01E23 Airdate 05-07-2012

And Martha Stewart Have a Ball: Part One

S01E22 Airdate 04-30-2012

And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough

S01E21 Airdate 04-16-2012

And the Messy Purse Smackdown

S01E20 Airdate 04-09-2012

And the Drug Money

S01E19 Airdate 03-19-2012

And the Spring Break

S01E18 Airdate 02-27-2012

And the One-Night Stands

S01E17 Airdate 02-20-2012

And the Kosher Cupcakes

S01E16 Airdate 02-13-2012

And the Broken Hearts

S01E15 Airdate 02-06-2012

And the Blind Spot

S01E14 Airdate 01-16-2012

And the Upstairs Neighbor

S01E13 Airdate 01-02-2012

And the Secret Ingredient

S01E12 Airdate 12-12-2011

And the Pop-Up Sale

S01E11 Airdate 12-05-2011

And the Reality Check

S01E10 Airdate 11-21-2011

And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving

S01E09 Airdate 11-14-2011

And the Really Petty Cash

S01E08 Airdate 11-07-2011

And Hoarder Culture

S01E07 Airdate 10-31-2011

And the Pretty Problem

S01E06 Airdate 10-24-2011

And the Disappearing Bed

S01E05 Airdate 10-17-2011

And the '90's Horse Party

S01E04 Airdate 10-10-2011

And the Rich People Problems

S01E03 Airdate 10-03-2011

And Strokes of Goodwill

S01E02 Airdate 09-26-2011

And the Break-up Scene

S01E01 Airdate 09-19-2011

And How They Met


Name 2 Broke Girls
Premiere 9-18-2011
Status Ended
Rating 7.3
Network CBS
Schedule Day Monday
Language English
Genres Comedy
# 124