Name 20/20
Premiere 6-5-1978
Status Running
Rating 6.1
Network ABC
Schedule Day Friday
Language English
# 1401


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The ABC News primetime news magazine 20/20 has distinguished itself as one of the most esteemed programs in broadcast journalism. Celebrating its 36th anniversary this season, 20/20 continues to combine hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories. The program is anchored by award-winning journalists Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. For over three decades 20/20 has offered viewers reports and stories that have changes lives.

Season 2020

S2020E13 Airdate 03-30-2020

America Rising: Fighting the Pandemic

S2020E12 Airdate 03-20-2020

The Chameleon

S2020E11 Airdate 03-16-2020

Pandemic: What You Need to Know

S2020E10 Airdate 03-13-2020

Catch Me if You Can

S2020E09 Airdate 03-06-2020

Outbreak: What You Need to Know

S2020E08 Airdate 02-28-2020

Last Seen Walking

S2020E07 Airdate 02-26-2020

Shark Tank: Greatest of All Time

S2020E06 Airdate 02-14-2020

Gone in a Flash

S2020E05 Airdate 01-31-2020

Life with Bundy

S2020E04 Airdate 01-24-2020

Cutthroat Inc.

S2020E03 Airdate 01-17-2020


S2020E02 Airdate 01-10-2020

Broken Vows

S2020E01 Airdate 01-03-2020


Season 2019

S2019E36 Airdate 12-13-2019

The Hitman | From Pop to Prison

S2019E35 Airdate 11-29-2019

Switched at Birth, or Stolen?

S2019E34 Airdate 11-22-2019


S2019E33 Airdate 11-15-2019

Undercover Girlfriend

S2019E32 Airdate 11-08-2019

Growing Up Buttafuoco

S2019E31 Airdate 11-01-2019

Texas Love Triangle

S2019E30 Airdate 10-25-2019

The Wicked

S2019E29 Airdate 10-18-2019

The Death of a Playmate

S2019E28 Airdate 10-11-2019

Over My Dead Body

S2019E27 Airdate 10-04-2019

Sole Survivor

S2019E26 Airdate 09-27-2019

Siegfried & Roy: Behind the Magic

S2019E25 Airdate 09-20-2019

30 Years Searching

S2019E24 Airdate 09-13-2019

The Hustlers

S2019E23 Airdate 09-06-2019

The Affair

S2019E22 Airdate 06-28-2019

A Family Affair

S2019E21 Airdate 06-16-2019

President Trump: 30 Hours

S2019E20 Airdate 06-14-2019

The Perfect Nanny

S2019E19 Airdate 05-31-2019

The Final Act

S2019E18 Airdate 05-24-2019

One Night in Central Park

S2019E17 Airdate 05-17-2019

Undercover Mother

S2019E16 Airdate 05-10-2019

Last Defense

S2019E15 Airdate 05-03-2019

Seed of Doubt

S2019E14 Airdate 04-12-2019

Your Biggest Fan

S2019E13 Airdate 04-05-2019

The Woman in the Suitcase

S2019E12 Airdate 03-29-2019

The Secret in Her Eyes

S2019E11 Airdate 03-22-2019

My Mother's Sins

S2019E10 Airdate 03-15-2019

The Drop Out

S2019E09 Airdate 03-08-2019

Deadly Dance in Texas

S2019E08 Airdate 03-01-2019

With Friends Like These

S2019E07 Airdate 02-22-2019

The Deadly Ride

S2019E06 Airdate 02-15-2019


S2019E05 Airdate 02-08-2019

Black Widow

S2019E04 Airdate 02-01-2019

My Father BTK

S2019E03 Airdate 01-25-2019

Evil in Eden

S2019E02 Airdate 01-18-2019

Unfaithfully Yours

S2019E01 Airdate 01-11-2019

The Robert Blake Murder Case

Season 2018

S2018E52 Airdate 12-07-2018

The Devil in Disguise

S2018E51 Airdate 12-01-2018

Remembering George H. W. Bush

S2018E50 Airdate 11-30-2018

Til Death Do Us Part

S2018E49 Airdate 11-22-2018

Mary Poppins Returns: Behind the Magic

S2018E48 Airdate 11-16-2018

Brave New Face

S2018E47 Airdate 11-11-2018

Becoming Michelle: A First Lady's Journey

S2018E46 Airdate 11-09-2018

The Man Behind the Mask

S2018E45 Airdate 10-26-2018

Murder in the Mansion

S2018E44 Airdate 10-19-2018

My Son is Not a Monster

S2018E43 Airdate 10-12-2018

Being Melania — The First Lady

S2018E42 Airdate 10-05-2018

The DNA Detective

S2018E41 Airdate 09-28-2018

What Really Killed Prince

S2018E40 Airdate 09-25-2018

The Real Rookies

S2018E39 Airdate 09-21-2018

From Classroom to Captive

S2018E38 Airdate 09-14-2018

Shot in the Dark

S2018E37 Airdate 09-07-2018

Exclusive Interview with Abby Hernandez

S2018E36 Airdate 09-02-2018

Thailand Miracle Boys

S2018E35 Airdate 08-25-2018

John McCain: Remembering a Maverick

S2018E34 Airdate 08-16-2018

ARETHA: Soul, Song, R-E-S-P-E-C-T

S2018E33 Airdate 07-27-2018

One Way Out: Thailand Cave Rescue

S2018E32 Airdate 07-20-2018


S2018E31 Airdate 07-13-2018

Buried Secrets

S2018E30 Airdate 07-10-2018

Triumph in Thailand

S2018E29 Airdate 06-22-2018

Family Secrets

S2018E28 Airdate 06-15-2018

Hypnosis, Memory & Mystery

S2018E27 Airdate 06-01-2018

Secrets Six Feet Under

S2018E26 Airdate 05-25-2018

Ankle Bracelet Failures

S2018E25 Airdate 05-23-2018

Lights, Camera, Summer!

S2018E24 Airdate 05-19-2018

Harry & Meghan: The Royal Wedding

S2018E23 Airdate 05-18-2018

The Royal Wedding: Legacy and Love

S2018E22 Airdate 05-11-2018

Nerves of Steel

S2018E21 Airdate 05-04-2018

To Catch a Killer

S2018E20 Airdate 04-27-2018


S2018E19 Airdate 04-20-2018

My Reality: A Hidden America

S2018E18 Airdate 04-15-2018

James Comey

S2018E17 Airdate 04-13-2018

US and Allies Launch Attacks on Syria

S2018E16 Airdate 04-06-2018

Undercover Mother

S2018E15 Airdate 03-30-2018

Toxic Love

S2018E14 Airdate 03-23-2018

Stranger Than Fiction

S2018E13 Airdate 03-16-2018

Sabrina: 20 Years After an Infant's Disappearance

S2018E12 Airdate 03-09-2018

Secret Siblings

S2018E11 Airdate 03-02-2018

Mystery at the Mansion

S2018E10 Airdate 02-23-2018

Forgiving a Killer

S2018E09 Airdate 02-16-2018

Murder by Kayak?

S2018E08 Airdate 02-15-2018

Roseanne: The Return

S2018E07 Airdate 02-13-2018

Lights, Camera, Romance!

S2018E06 Airdate 02-09-2018

Would You Kill For Love?

S2018E05 Airdate 02-02-2018

Slender Man

S2018E04 Airdate 01-26-2018

Sister Survivors

S2018E03 Airdate 01-19-2018

House of Horrors

S2018E02 Airdate 01-12-2018

Deadly Destiny

S2018E01 Airdate 01-05-2018

The Story of Gypsy Blanchard

Season 2017

S2017E49 Airdate 12-22-2017

The Good Doctors: Brilliance and Bravery

S2017E48 Airdate 12-15-2017

Members of NXIVM

S2017E47 Airdate 12-01-2017

An American Royal

S2017E46 Airdate 11-24-2017

A Killing on the Cape

S2017E45 Airdate 11-22-2017

Lights, Camera, Christmas! Inside Holiday Movie Classics

S2017E44 Airdate 11-17-2017

Wonder Boy

S2017E43 Airdate 11-10-2017

Track and Fear

S2017E42 Airdate 11-03-2017

Diane Sawyer Investigates: ISIS in America

S2017E41 Airdate 10-27-2017

27 Days Later: Mystery in Las Vegas

S2017E40 Airdate 10-20-2017

The Killer Clown?

S2017E39 Airdate 10-13-2017

Shame & Scandal in Hollywood

S2017E38 Airdate 10-06-2017

Las Vegas: Heartbreak and Heroes

S2017E37 Airdate 09-29-2017

Justice for Holly

S2017E36 Airdate 09-22-2017

Love at First Sting

S2017E35 Airdate 09-15-2017

The Murder of Dee Dee Jackson

S2017E34 Airdate 09-14-2017

Truth and Lies: The Murder of Laci Peterson

S2017E33 Airdate 09-13-2017

The Good Doctors: Brilliance & Bravery

S2017E32 Airdate 09-08-2017

The Northern Arizona University Shooting

S2017E31 Airdate 08-30-2017

City Under Water: Catastrophe in Houston

S2017E30 Airdate 08-25-2017

Jonathan Koch's Remarkable Surgery and Recovery

S2017E29 Airdate 08-18-2017

Fractured America: Extremism in the Streets

S2017E28 Airdate 08-11-2017

The Last Ones Standing

S2017E27 Airdate 08-04-2017

Can Words Kill?

S2017E26 Airdate 07-28-2017

Life and Death at the Border

S2017E25 Airdate 07-14-2017

OJ, His Last Play

S2017E24 Airdate 07-07-2017

Dying to Be Famous: The Versace Murders

S2017E23 Airdate 06-30-2017

Freeway Fury

S2017E22 Airdate 06-23-2017

A Hostile Act

S2017E21 Airdate 06-16-2017

Truth and Lies: Watergate

S2017E20 Airdate 06-02-2017

Behind the Closed Door

S2017E19 Airdate 05-19-2017

Digital Addiction?

S2017E18 Airdate 05-12-2017

The Rise, Fall and Rise of John McAfee

S2017E17 Airdate 05-05-2017

From Classroom to Captive

S2017E16 Airdate 04-21-2017

Caitlyn Jenner - The Secrets of My Life

S2017E15 Airdate 04-14-2017

Ghost of Easterville

S2017E14 Airdate 04-07-2017

Mom Turned PI

S2017E13 Airdate 03-31-2017


S2017E12 Airdate 03-24-2017

Noura Jackson's Story

S2017E11 Airdate 03-17-2017

Truth and Lies: The Family Manson

S2017E10 Airdate 03-10-2017

A Boy Named Lucas

S2017E09 Airdate 02-24-2017

Shark Tank: The Road to $100 Million

S2017E08 Airdate 02-17-2017

Leanna Taylor, The Ex-Wife of the Man Convicted in Son's Hot Car Death, Speaks Out

S2017E07 Airdate 02-10-2017

Anna Nicole Smith: Beauty Lost

S2017E06 Airdate 02-03-2017

Lost at Sea

S2017E05 Airdate 01-27-2017

Mary Tyler Moore: After All

S2017E04 Airdate 01-20-2017

The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

S2017E03 Airdate 01-19-2017

America's First Family: The Trumps Go to Washington

S2017E02 Airdate 01-13-2017

My Reality: A Hidden America

S2017E01 Airdate 01-06-2017

Scientology: A War Without Guns

Season 2016

S2016E57 Airdate 12-30-2016

Debbie and Carrie: A Hollywood Love Story

S2016E56 Airdate 12-27-2016

Remembering George Michael, Carrie Fisher

S2016E55 Airdate 12-23-2016

Legends We Lost

S2016E54 Airdate 12-16-2016

The JonBenet Ramsey Case

S2016E53 Airdate 12-09-2016

The Mark Carver Case

S2016E52 Airdate 12-02-2016

Sherri Papini's Alleged Abduction

S2016E51 Airdate 11-25-2016

Finding Owen: A Boy's Story

S2016E50 Airdate 11-23-2016

The Real Designated Survivor

S2016E49 Airdate 11-18-2016

Crossing Lines: Women and Men at Work

S2016E48 Airdate 11-11-2016

Donald Trump: The Making of a President

S2016E47 Airdate 11-04-2016

Mystery in the Park: Chandra Levy

S2016E46 Airdate 10-28-2016


S2016E45 Airdate 10-21-2016

How to Get Away With Murder

S2016E44 Airdate 10-14-2016

What Happened to Jackie?

S2016E43 Airdate 10-07-2016

Her Last Chance

S2016E42 Airdate 09-30-2016

Rear Window

S2016E41 Airdate 09-23-2016

Love, Hope and Faith

S2016E40 Airdate 09-16-2016

In-Laws and Outlaws

S2016E39 Airdate 09-09-2016

The Elizabeth Vargas Interview

S2016E38 Airdate 09-09-2016

Soccer Mom by Day...

S2016E37 Airdate 08-26-2016

Kayla Mueller: The Girl Left Behind

S2016E36 Airdate 08-05-2016

A Last Dance in Texas

S2016E35 Airdate 07-29-2016

The Last One to See Them

S2016E34 Airdate 07-22-2016

Family Business

S2016E33 Airdate 07-15-2016

Answers for Annie

S2016E32 Airdate 07-08-2016

Freedom: My Book of Firsts

S2016E31 Airdate 07-08-2016

America in Crisis - Ambush in Dallas

S2016E30 Airdate 06-24-2016

Looking for Lauren

S2016E29 Airdate 06-17-2016

Rehab Mogul

S2016E28 Airdate 06-12-2016

Nightclub Massacre: Terror in Orlando

S2016E27 Airdate 06-07-2016

Bobby Brown: Every Little Step Special Edition

S2016E26 Airdate 06-03-2016

Bad Blood

S2016E25 Airdate 05-27-2016

Cosby Under Fire

S2016E24 Airdate 05-20-2016

What the Dash Cam Never Saw

S2016E23 Airdate 05-13-2016

A Mother's Crusade

S2016E22 Airdate 05-06-2016

Since the Day I Was Born

S2016E21 Airdate 04-29-2016

A Fathers Story

S2016E20 Airdate 04-22-2016

Prince: The Legend, The Mystery

S2016E19 Airdate 04-15-2016

The Family Plot

S2016E18 Airdate 04-08-2016

Footprints in the Snow

S2016E17 Airdate 04-01-2016

After Midnight

S2016E16 Airdate 03-25-2016

The Wolfpack

S2016E15 Airdate 03-18-2016

Diane Sawyer Interviews Kate del Castillo

S2016E14 Airdate 03-11-2016

Breaking Point: Heroin in America

S2016E13 Airdate 03-04-2016

Mystery in Apartment 410

S2016E12 Airdate 02-26-2016

Journey to the Oscars

S2016E11 Airdate 02-19-2016

What the Camera Didn't See

S2016E10 Airdate 02-13-2016

FLDS: A House Divided

S2016E09 Airdate 02-12-2016

Silence Broken: A Mother's Reckoning

S2016E08 Airdate 02-05-2016

A Dangerous Intersection

S2016E07 Airdate 01-29-2016

Since the Day I Was Born

S2016E06 Airdate 01-22-2016

A Capitol Offense

S2016E05 Airdate 01-15-2016

Lotto Hangover: Big Money, Big Problems

S2016E04 Airdate 01-09-2016

The New Cosby Wars

S2016E03 Airdate 01-08-2016

Last Dance: A Twisted Love Triangle Ends in Murder

S2016E02 Airdate 01-02-2016

The Mystery on Johnsburg Road

S2016E01 Airdate 01-01-2016

The End of the Road

Season 2015

S2015E51 Airdate 12-18-2015

Former CIA agent Michele Assad and her husband

S2015E50 Airdate 12-11-2015

The Seachers

S2015E49 Airdate 12-04-2015

The Woman in the Video

S2015E48 Airdate 11-27-2015

Mystery in the Maternity Room

S2015E47 Airdate 11-20-2015

Why You Don't see Donald Trump's Wife on the Campaign Trail

S2015E46 Airdate 11-13-2015

Paris Under Attack

S2015E45 Airdate 11-06-2015

Mystery on the Hudson

S2015E44 Airdate 10-30-2015


S2015E43 Airdate 10-23-2015

The Forever Family

S2015E42 Airdate 10-16-2015

A Case of Affluenza

S2015E41 Airdate 10-09-2015


S2015E40 Airdate 10-02-2015

Secrets of the Sell

S2015E39 Airdate 09-25-2015

The O.J. Simpson Tapes

S2015E38 Airdate 09-18-2015

What The Doctor Ordered

S2015E37 Airdate 09-11-2015

Fast Girl

S2015E36 Airdate 09-04-2015

Pope Francis and the People

S2015E35 Airdate 08-28-2015

Tragedy on TV

S2015E34 Airdate 08-21-2015

Evidence Of Love

S2015E33 Airdate 08-14-2015

The Hunter and the Hunted

S2015E32 Airdate 08-07-2015

The War Next Door

S2015E31 Airdate 07-31-2015

Diamonds Aren't Forever

S2015E30 Airdate 07-24-2015


S2015E29 Airdate 07-17-2015

Stranger Than Fiction

S2015E28 Airdate 07-10-2015

Monster in My Family

S2015E27 Airdate 06-26-2015

Reversal of Fortune

S2015E26 Airdate 06-19-2015

The Wolfpack

S2015E25 Airdate 06-12-2015

Mystery in the Mansion

S2015E24 Airdate 06-05-2015

Bad Blood

S2015E23 Airdate 05-29-2015

The Sweetheart Swindle

S2015E22 Airdate 05-22-2015

Who's Freeloading?

S2015E21 Airdate 05-15-2015

To Catch a Fake

S2015E20 Airdate 05-08-2015

FLDS: A House Divided

S2015E19 Airdate 05-01-2015

Love. War. Renewal. The Taya Kyle Story

S2015E18 Airdate 04-28-2015

Captive: A Journey of Hope and Survival

S2015E17 Airdate 04-24-2015

Bruce Jenner - The Interview

S2015E16 Airdate 04-17-2015

New Year's Day: The Shelby Wilkie Murder

S2015E15 Airdate 04-10-2015

Letourneau & Fualaau Now

S2015E14 Airdate 04-03-2015


S2015E13 Airdate 03-27-2015

Occupational Hazards

S2015E12 Airdate 03-20-2015

Terror on the Trestle

S2015E11 Airdate 03-18-2015

The Untold Story of 'The Sound of Music'

S2015E10 Airdate 03-13-2015

Strange Afflictions

S2015E09 Airdate 02-27-2015

Women Behind Bars

S2015E08 Airdate 02-13-2015

Keepin' it Real Estate

S2015E07 Airdate 02-06-2015

Family Secrets

S2015E06 Airdate 01-30-2015

The Party's Over

S2015E05 Airdate 01-23-2015

Campus Confidential

S2015E04 Airdate 01-16-2015

Meet the Parents

S2015E03 Airdate 01-10-2015

Burning Bed

S2015E02 Airdate 01-09-2015

A Few of Our Favorite Stings

S2015E01 Airdate 01-02-2015

Nasty Neighbors

Season 2014

S2014E62 Airdate 12-27-2014

All in the Family

S2014E61 Airdate 12-26-2014

Home for the Holidays

S2014E60 Airdate 12-19-2014

Wrong House

S2014E59 Airdate 12-12-2014

The Sell Game

S2014E58 Airdate 12-05-2014

Hot Pursuit

S2014E57 Airdate 11-28-2014

True Confessions

S2014E56 Airdate 11-21-2014

Who Can You Trust

S2014E55 Airdate 11-14-2014

The New Sex

S2014E54 Airdate 11-07-2014

Family Secrets

S2014E53 Airdate 10-31-2014

Do Your "&@#$%* Job!

S2014E52 Airdate 10-24-2014

Worker's Compensation Fraudsters

S2014E51 Airdate 10-17-2014

Right Between the Lies

S2014E50 Airdate 10-10-2014

Designing Women

S2014E49 Airdate 10-03-2014

The Mystery on Johnsburg Road

S2014E48 Airdate 09-26-2014

Out of the Woods

S2014E47 Airdate 09-19-2014

Road to Ruin

S2014E46 Airdate 09-16-2014

Aspen Philanthropist Found Dead in Closet by Friend

S2014E45 Airdate 09-12-2014

Why Oscar Pistorius' Ex-Girlfriend Was Afraid of Him

S2014E44 Airdate 09-05-2014

Joan Rivers Dead at 81: The Life, Legacy of Comedic Icon

S2014E43 Airdate 08-29-2014

I Know What You Did

S2014E42 Airdate 08-22-2014

Two's Company... Three's a Crime

S2014E41 Airdate 08-15-2014

Strange Afflictions

S2014E40 Airdate 08-13-2014

The Life and Death of Robin Williams

S2014E39 Airdate 08-09-2014

Sleeping with the Enemy

S2014E38 Airdate 08-08-2014

Surviving Summer

S2014E37 Airdate 08-02-2014

The Hunch

S2014E36 Airdate 08-01-2014

The Girl in the Shower

S2014E35 Airdate 07-25-2014

Losing It!

S2014E34 Airdate 07-18-2014


S2014E33 Airdate 07-11-2014

Keepin' It Real Estate

S2014E32 Airdate 06-27-2014

The Secret Life of Elliot Rodger

S2014E31 Airdate 06-20-2014

How Far would You Go?

S2014E30 Airdate 06-13-2014

To Catch a Fake

S2014E29 Airdate 06-06-2014

The Burning Bed

S2014E28 Airdate 05-30-2014

Bad Romance

S2014E27 Airdate 05-23-2014

The Children Who Break Away

S2014E26 Airdate 05-09-2014

True Confessions

S2014E25 Airdate 05-02-2014

Home Sweet Home

S2014E24 Airdate 04-25-2014

Losing It

S2014E23 Airdate 04-18-2014


S2014E22 Airdate 04-12-2014


S2014E21 Airdate 04-11-2014

Designing Woman

S2014E20 Airdate 04-05-2014

With Parents Like These

S2014E19 Airdate 04-04-2014

Teenage Decisions; Dire Consequences

S2014E18 Airdate 03-29-2014

Work Wars

S2014E17 Airdate 03-28-2014

Does mother Really Know Best?

S2014E16 Airdate 03-22-2014

Bum Luck

S2014E15 Airdate 03-21-2014

Sleeping with the Enemy

S2014E14 Airdate 03-15-2014

Stolen at Birth: A Decades Old Mystery

S2014E13 Airdate 03-14-2014

Murder for Hire

S2014E12 Airdate 03-07-2014

True Confessions V

S2014E11 Airdate 02-28-2014

Missing Kids

S2014E10 Airdate 02-21-2014

The Perfect Nanny

S2014E09 Airdate 02-14-2014

Crossing the Line

S2014E08 Airdate 02-07-2014

My Strange Affliction

S2014E07 Airdate 01-31-2014

Young Guns

S2014E06 Airdate 01-25-2014

Catch Me If You Can: The Anthony Curcio Bank Heist

S2014E05 Airdate 01-24-2014

Crossing the Line

S2014E04 Airdate 01-18-2014

The People Next Door

S2014E03 Airdate 01-17-2014

(IM)perfect Getaways

S2014E02 Airdate 01-10-2014

Underage and Under the Influence

S2014E01 Airdate 01-03-2014

The Big Lie

Season 2013

S2013E58 Airdate 12-27-2013

Mirror Mirror

S2013E57 Airdate 12-20-2013

Shopping Confidential

S2013E56 Airdate 12-13-2013

All in the Family

S2013E55 Airdate 12-06-2013

Nelson Mandela

S2013E54 Airdate 11-29-2013

President Obama: No Where To Go But Up

S2013E53 Airdate 11-22-2013

True Confessions IV

S2013E52 Airdate 11-15-2013

Home Sweet Home

S2013E51 Airdate 11-08-2013

You're Being Watched

S2013E50 Airdate 11-01-2013

Stolen at Birth

S2013E49 Airdate 10-25-2013

I Know What You Did

S2013E48 Airdate 10-18-2013

A Fiance With Nothing to Hide

S2013E47 Airdate 10-11-2013


S2013E46 Airdate 10-04-2013

Out of Bounds

S2013E45 Airdate 09-27-2013


S2013E44 Airdate 09-20-2013

Nasty Neighbors

S2013E43 Airdate 09-13-2013

Blurred Lines

S2013E42 Airdate 09-06-2013

Michael Wohlschlaeger & His 6 Wives

S2013E41 Airdate 08-30-2013

The Imposter

S2013E40 Airdate 08-23-2013

Highways From Hell

S2013E39 Airdate 08-16-2013

Ride Along with Paparazzi

S2013E38 Airdate 08-09-2013

Got Luck? Getting It Keeping It

S2013E37 Airdate 08-02-2013

The Naked Truth

S2013E36 Airdate 07-26-2013

Dunwoody Murder Update

S2013E35 Airdate 07-19-2013

I Escaped My Life

S2013E34 Airdate 07-12-2013

A Shot in the Dark

S2013E33 Airdate 07-06-2013

Hollywood Vice

S2013E32 Airdate 07-05-2013

Losing It

S2013E31 Airdate 06-28-2013

If These Halls Could Talk

S2013E30 Airdate 06-21-2013

Catch Me If You Can: The Anthony Curcio Bank Heist

S2013E29 Airdate 06-14-2013

With Parents Like These

S2013E28 Airdate 06-07-2013

The New Help

S2013E27 Airdate 05-31-2013

Saving Ethan

S2013E26 Airdate 05-27-2013

Bringing up Baby: Royal Edition

S2013E25 Airdate 05-24-2013

Taken: 12 Hours of Terror Caught on Tape

S2013E24 Airdate 05-18-2013

Rock 'n' Royalty: Billboard's All Stars

S2013E23 Airdate 05-17-2013

Work Wars

S2013E22 Airdate 05-10-2013

Jodi Arias Trial

S2013E21 Airdate 05-04-2013

Boiling Point

S2013E20 Airdate 05-03-2013

Secret Confessions

S2013E19 Airdate 04-26-2013

Life Changes in an Instant

S2013E18 Airdate 04-19-2013

Capture of Boston Bomber

S2013E17 Airdate 04-12-2013


S2013E16 Airdate 04-05-2013

Losing It!

S2013E15 Airdate 03-29-2013

The Ultimate Betrayal

S2013E14 Airdate 03-22-2013

Steubenville: After the Party's Over

S2013E13 Airdate 03-15-2013

Highway Confidential

S2013E12 Airdate 03-08-2013

Home Sweet Home: What Lies Beneath

S2013E11 Airdate 03-02-2013


S2013E10 Airdate 03-01-2013

The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius

S2013E09 Airdate 02-22-2013

Robin Roberts' Journey

S2013E08 Airdate 02-15-2013

Troubled Waters

S2013E07 Airdate 02-08-2013

The Boy in the Bunker

S2013E06 Airdate 02-01-2012

Stars, Scars and Showbiz Kids

S2013E05 Airdate 01-25-2013

Culture of Deception

S2013E04 Airdate 01-19-2013

Making Lemonade

S2013E03 Airdate 01-18-2013

Wedding Confidential

S2013E02 Airdate 01-11-2013

Pranks Gone Wild

S2013E01 Airdate 01-04-2013

Half Their Size

Season 2012

S2012E42 Airdate 12-19-2012

The Year With Katie Couric

S2012E41 Airdate 12-14-2012

Tragedy at the Elementary School

S2012E40 Airdate 12-07-2012

Holidays Unplugged: Seasonal Steals

S2012E39 Airdate 11-30-2012

True Confessions: Hotel Horrors

S2012E38 Airdate 11-23-2012

Breaking Polygamy

S2012E37 Airdate 11-16-2012

The Real Dish

S2012E36 Airdate 11-09-2012

Workplace Confidential

S2012E35 Airdate 11-02-2012

Heroes Among Us

S2012E34 Airdate 10-26-2012

All Access Nashville With Katie Couric

S2012E33 Airdate 10-19-2012

Sandusky "Victim 1" Speaks Out

S2012E32 Airdate 10-12-2012

Going to Extremes

S2012E31 Airdate 10-05-2012

Waseem Daker: From Stalker to Murderer

S2012E30 Airdate 09-28-2012

Classroom Confidential

S2012E29 Airdate 09-21-2012

Intoxication Nation

S2012E28 Airdate 09-14-2012

Nasty Neighbors

S2012E27 Airdate 09-07-2012

The Camera Never Lies

S2012E26 Airdate 08-17-2012

When Animals Strike Back

S2012E25 Airdate 08-15-2012

I'm Obsessed With ...

S2012E24 Airdate 08-10-2012

My Extraordinary Family

S2012E23 Airdate 08-03-2012

What They Know That Can Change Your Life; My Ultra Modern Family

S2012E22 Airdate 07-27-2012

Chat Room Love Triangle

S2012E21 Airdate 07-20-2012

Tragedy in Colorado: Movie Theater Massacre

S2012E20 Airdate 07-13-2012

Vacation Confidential; My Ultra Modern Family

S2012E19 Airdate 07-06-2012

Heaven: Where Is It? How Do We Get There?

S2012E18 Airdate 06-29-2012

Caught in a Bad Romance

S2012E17 Airdate 06-22-2012

Rielle Hunter

S2012E16 Airdate 06-08-2012

The Big Lie

S2012E15 Airdate 06-01-2012


S2012E14 Airdate 05-29-2012

The Real Queen: By Her Own Royal Family with Katie Couric

S2012E13 Airdate 05-25-2012

The Camera Never Lies

S2012E12 Airdate 05-18-2012

Medical Mysteries

S2012E11 Airdate 05-11-2012

Losing It: The Big Fat Money Trap

S2012E10 Airdate 05-04-2012

Extreme Parenting

S2012E09 Airdate 04-27-2012

True Confessions

S2012E08 Airdate 04-21-2012

Sunset Boulevard

S2012E07 Airdate 04-20-2012

Strange Arrangements

S2012E06 Airdate 04-13-2012

Just Plane Crazy

S2012E05 Airdate 04-06-2012

Dangerous Texas Love Triangle

S2012E04 Airdate 03-31-2012

OCD, Schizophrenia

S2012E03 Airdate 03-30-2012

Lotto Frenzy

S2012E02 Airdate 03-23-2012

Rutgers Webcam Spying Scandal

S2012E01 Airdate 03-17-2012

My Extreme Affliction

Season 2011

S2011E56 Airdate 12-16-2011

Million Moms Challenge

S2011E55 Airdate 12-09-2011

Mindy McCready

S2011E54 Airdate 12-02-2011

Generation Meds

S2011E53 Airdate 11-25-2011

How Young is Too Young

S2011E52 Airdate 11-18-2011

Inside the Secret World of a Polygamous Family

S2011E51 Airdate 11-17-2011

Regis Philbin: The Morning Maestro with Katie Couric

S2011E50 Airdate 11-11-2011

Small Town Scandal

S2011E49 Airdate 11-11-2011

Caught in the Act

S2011E48 Airdate 11-04-2011

Conrad Murray Trial

S2011E47 Airdate 10-28-2011

Billionaire Secrets: What They Know That Can Change Your Life

S2011E46 Airdate 10-21-2011

Stephanie Madoff Mack

S2011E45 Airdate 10-14-2011

October 14, 2011

S2011E44 Airdate 10-07-2011

One of the Most Controversial Bullying Cases of Our Time

S2011E43 Airdate 09-30-2011

Amanda Knox: Does the Countdown to Freedom Begin This Weekend?

S2011E42 Airdate 09-23-2011

Generation YouTube

S2011E41 Airdate 09-16-2011

Romeo and Juliet With a Twist

S2011E40 Airdate 09-09-2011

The Smoking Baby: Where Is He Today?

S2011E39 Airdate 09-02-2011

September 2, 2011

S2011E38 Airdate 08-26-2011

Teens in Trouble

S2011E37 Airdate 08-19-2011

Suicide Attempt or Terrible Accident

S2011E36 Airdate 08-12-2011

August 12, 2011

S2011E35 Airdate 08-05-2011

A life Defined By Mess

S2011E34 Airdate 07-29-2011

When Seven Looks Like 70

S2011E33 Airdate 07-22-2011

Super Powers, Super Humans

S2011E32 Airdate 07-15-2011

Jaycee Dugard

S2011E31 Airdate 07-08-2011

Military Mistress

S2011E30 Airdate 07-01-2011

July 1, 2011

S2011E29 Airdate 06-24-2011

Cyber Scams Uncovered

S2011E28 Airdate 06-17-2011

From Homeless to a Dream

S2011E27 Airdate 06-10-2011

June 10, 2011

S2011E26 Airdate 06-08-2011

Reality Bites, Reality Pay$s -- Reality TV in America

S2011E25 Airdate 06-03-2011

June 3, 2011

S2011E24 Airdate 05-27-2011

Saving Private Moss

S2011E23 Airdate 05-20-2011

Infomercial Nation

S2011E22 Airdate 05-13-2011

May 13, 2011

S2011E21 Airdate 05-06-2011

Kill Shot: The Story Behind bin Laden's Death

S2011E20 Airdate 04-29-2011

The Royal Wedding: A Modern Fairytale (2)

S2011E19 Airdate 04-28-2011

The Royal Wedding: A Modern Fairytale (1)

S2011E18 Airdate 04-22-2011

Elton John and David Furnish

S2011E17 Airdate 04-18-2011

William and Catherine: A Modern Fairytale

S2011E16 Airdate 04-15-2011

Shaun Gayle

S2011E15 Airdate 04-08-2011

April 8, 2011

S2011E14 Airdate 04-01-2011

Florida Attack Case

S2011E13 Airdate 03-25-2011

See What's Next

S2011E12 Airdate 03-18-2011

Dexter Fans Turned Killers?

S2011E11 Airdate 03-11-2011

Disaster in the Pacific

S2011E10 Airdate 03-04-2011

Carmina Salcido's Survival Story

S2011E09 Airdate 03-01-2011

Charlie Sheen: In His Own Words

S2011E08 Airdate 02-25-2011

Life of Lies

S2011E07 Airdate 02-18-2011

Astronaut Love Triangle: The Soap Opera Behind the Space Shuttle

S2011E06 Airdate 02-11-2011

Wrong Turn: The Kati Kim Story

S2011E05 Airdate 01-28-2011

Street Kids: A Year on the Road

S2011E04 Airdate 01-21-2011

Mother's Day Murder

S2011E03 Airdate 01-18-2011

The Congresswoman and the Astronaut

S2011E02 Airdate 01-14-2011

Scandal Inside the Peace Corps

S2011E01 Airdate 01-07-2011

The Clique

Season 2010

S2010E52 Airdate 12-17-2010

Be the Change: Save a Life

S2010E51 Airdate 12-10-2010

7 Wonders

S2010E50 Airdate 12-03-2010

Amanda Lewis

S2010E49 Airdate 11-26-2010

A Thanksgiving Visit With President and Mrs. Obama

S2010E48 Airdate 11-19-2010

Mean Girls Turn to Murder

S2010E47 Airdate 11-12-2010

Better Business Bureaus

S2010E46 Airdate 11-05-2010

Child Sex-Abuse Report

S2010E45 Airdate 10-29-2010

The New Face of Heroin Addiction

S2010E44 Airdate 10-22-2010

Charity Scam Exposed

S2010E43 Airdate 10-15-2010

Bullied To Death: Victims' Stories

S2010E42 Airdate 10-15-2010

Cold Case: What Happened to Oregon Teen?

S2010E41 Airdate 10-13-2010

Miracle at the Mine

S2010E40 Airdate 10-08-2010

Catfish: A Cyber Romance

S2010E39 Airdate 10-01-2010

Islam: Questions and Answers

S2010E38 Airdate 09-24-2010

Bigamist Bride

S2010E37 Airdate 09-17-2010


S2010E36 Airdate 08-20-2010

August 20, 2010

S2010E35 Airdate 08-06-2010

Before and After

S2010E34 Airdate 07-30-2010

From Debutante to Killer

S2010E33 Airdate 07-23-2010

July 23, 2010

S2010E32 Airdate 07-16-2010

July 16, 2010

S2010E31 Airdate 07-09-2010

July 9, 2010

S2010E30 Airdate 06-25-2010

Michael Jackson: After Life

S2010E29 Airdate 06-18-2010

June 18, 2010

S2010E28 Airdate 06-11-2010

June 11, 2010

S2010E27 Airdate 06-04-2010

How Young is Too Young?

S2010E26 Airdate 06-01-2010


S2010E25 Airdate 05-28-2010

May 28, 2010

S2010E24 Airdate 05-21-2010

Hero or Vigilante

S2010E23 Airdate 05-14-2010

May 14, 2010

S2010E22 Airdate 05-07-2010


S2010E21 Airdate 04-30-2010

Mother's Little Helper

S2010E20 Airdate 04-23-2010

Blind Love

S2010E19 Airdate 04-16-2010

April 16, 2010

S2010E18 Airdate 04-09-2010

April 9, 2010

S2010E17 Airdate 04-02-2010

April 2, 2010

S2010E16 Airdate 03-26-2010

March 26, 2010

S2010E15 Airdate 03-19-2010

March 19, 2010

S2010E14 Airdate 03-19-2010

Melissa Huntley Motz: Murder or Suicide

S2010E13 Airdate 03-15-2010

Inside the Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose

S2010E12 Airdate 03-12-2010


S2010E11 Airdate 03-05-2010

March 5, 2010

S2010E10 Airdate 03-05-2010

March 5, 2010

S2010E09 Airdate 03-02-2010

Before They Were Famous

S2010E08 Airdate 02-26-2010

February 26, 2010

S2010E07 Airdate 02-19-2010

February 19, 2010

S2010E06 Airdate 02-05-2010

South Carolina's First Lady Jenny Sanford

S2010E05 Airdate 01-29-2010

The Secret

S2010E04 Airdate 01-22-2010

January 22, 2010

S2010E03 Airdate 01-15-2010

January 15, 2010

S2010E02 Airdate 01-08-2010

Katie's Story

S2010E01 Airdate 01-01-2010

January 1, 2010

Season 2009

S2009E01 Airdate 01-02-2009

January 2, 2009

Season 2008

S2008E01 Airdate 01-04-2008

January 4, 2008

Season 2007

S2007E01 Airdate 01-05-2007

January 5, 2007

Season 2006

S2006E01 Airdate 01-06-2006

January 6, 2006

Season 2005

S2005E01 Airdate 01-07-2005

January 7, 2005

Season 1978

S1978E02 Airdate 06-13-1978

June 13, 1978

S1978E01 Airdate 06-06-1978



Name 20/20
Premiere 6-5-1978
Status Running
Rating 6.1
Network ABC
Schedule Day Friday
Language English
# 1401