Name 227
Premiere 9-13-1985
Status Ended
Network NBC
Schedule Day Saturday
Language English
Genres Comedy
# 7602


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Set in Washington, DC, the series follows the residents of building number 227, a solidly middle-class apartment house located in a neighbor that is rapidly becoming gentrified with posh condominiums. Gibbs plays Mary Jenkins, a no-nonsense housewife. Mary's construction supervisor husband, Lester, is a caring, dependable father to their teenage daughter, Brenda. Mary's best friend is Rose Lee Holloway, a gossipy widow. The two pals love to sit on the stoop and discuss their lives and the lives of anyone else who happens to wander by. Sandra Clark is the building's resident vamp, a sashaying mantrap whose haughty attitude often sets her at odds with down-to-earth Mary. Pearl Shay is an elderly busybody who observes all of 227's comings and goings from her perch at the window of her first floor apartment. Rounding out the building's principal residents are Calvin, Pearl's seventeen year-old grandson (and Brenda's boyfriend), and Rose's daughter Tiffany.

Season 5

S05E24 Airdate 05-06-1990

No Place Like Home

S05E23 Airdate 04-29-1990

The Class of '90

S05E22 Airdate 04-21-1990

Nightmare on 227

S05E21 Airdate 02-24-1990

Gone Fishing

S05E20 Airdate 02-17-1990

You Gotta Have Art

S05E19 Airdate 02-10-1990

Do Not Pass Go (2)

S05E18 Airdate 02-03-1990

Do Not Pass Go (1)

S05E17 Airdate 01-27-1990

Knock It Off

S05E16 Airdate 01-13-1990

Play Christy for Me

S05E15 Airdate 01-06-1990

Where Do We Go from Here?

S05E14 Airdate 12-30-1989

Come the Revolution

S05E13 Airdate 12-23-1989

There Go the Clowns

S05E12 Airdate 12-16-1989

Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas

S05E11 Airdate 12-09-1989

War is Heck

S05E10 Airdate 12-02-1989

The Perfume Game

S05E09 Airdate 11-25-1989

Reunion Blues

S05E08 Airdate 11-18-1989

Flying Down to Leo's

S05E07 Airdate 11-11-1989

Video Activity

S05E06 Airdate 11-04-1989

How the West Was Fun (2)

S05E05 Airdate 10-28-1989

How the West Was Fun (1)

S05E04 Airdate 10-21-1989

The Fight of the Century

S05E03 Airdate 10-14-1989

A Pampered Tale

S05E02 Airdate 09-30-1989

Tenants, Anyone?

S05E01 Airdate 09-23-1989

Take My Diva . . . Please!

Season 4

S04E24 Airdate 05-13-1989

For Sale

S04E23 Airdate 05-11-1989


S04E22 Airdate 05-06-1989

House Number

S04E21 Airdate 04-15-1989

No, My Darling Daughter

S04E20 Airdate 04-08-1989

The Bet

S04E19 Airdate 04-01-1989

Trial and Error

S04E18 Airdate 03-18-1989

The Class of '89

S04E17 Airdate 03-04-1989

For Richer, for Poorer

S04E16 Airdate 02-25-1989

Mary's Cookies

S04E15 Airdate 02-18-1989

A Date to Remember

S04E14 Airdate 02-11-1989

Babes in the Woods

S04E13 Airdate 02-04-1989

The Prince

S04E12 Airdate 01-28-1989

A Class Act

S04E11 Airdate 01-14-1989

Play It Again, Stan

S04E10 Airdate 01-07-1989

The Real Decoys

S04E09 Airdate 12-10-1988

The Night They Arrested Santa Claus

S04E08 Airdate 12-03-1988

Looking Back

S04E07 Airdate 11-26-1988

A Yen for Lester

S04E06 Airdate 11-19-1988

And the Survey Says . . .

S04E05 Airdate 11-12-1988

Brother from a Sister City

S04E04 Airdate 11-05-1988

Double Your Pleasure

S04E03 Airdate 10-29-1988

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pageant

S04E02 Airdate 10-22-1988

Hide the Star

S04E01 Airdate 10-08-1988

The Whiz Kid

Season 3

S03E24 Airdate 05-07-1988

Best Friends

S03E23 Airdate 04-30-1988

Country Cousins

S03E22 Airdate 04-09-1988

My Aching Back

S03E21 Airdate 03-12-1988

The Butler Did It

S03E20 Airdate 02-27-1988


S03E19 Airdate 02-20-1988

The New Neighbors

S03E18 Airdate 02-13-1988

The Big Deal

S03E17 Airdate 02-06-1988

The Roommate

S03E16 Airdate 01-30-1988

Sweet Sixteen

S03E15 Airdate 01-23-1988

The Sing-Off

S03E14 Airdate 01-16-1988

Shall We Dance?

S03E13 Airdate 01-09-1988


S03E12 Airdate 01-02-1988

The Talk Show

S03E11 Airdate 12-12-1987

The Facade

S03E10 Airdate 12-05-1987


S03E09 Airdate 11-28-1987

The Honeymoon's Over

S03E08 Airdate 11-21-1987

See You in Court

S03E07 Airdate 11-14-1987

Teach Me Tonight: Part 2

S03E06 Airdate 11-07-1987

Teach Me Tonight: Part 1

S03E05 Airdate 10-31-1987

Bull's Eye

S03E04 Airdate 10-24-1987

And Baby Makes Three

S03E03 Airdate 10-17-1987

There Goes the Building

S03E02 Airdate 10-03-1987

Low Noon

S03E01 Airdate 09-26-1987

Men's Club

Season 2

S02E22 Airdate 06-06-1987

Check Snub

S02E21 Airdate 05-23-1987

The Working Game

S02E20 Airdate 04-11-1987

Rich Kid

S02E19 Airdate 03-21-1987

The Fourth Time Around

S02E18 Airdate 03-07-1987

Happy Twentieth

S02E17 Airdate 02-28-1987

A Good Citizen

S02E16 Airdate 02-21-1987

The Audit

S02E15 Airdate 02-14-1987


S02E14 Airdate 02-07-1987

Far from the Tree

S02E13 Airdate 01-24-1987

Got a Job

S02E12 Airdate 01-17-1987

A Matter of Choice

S02E11 Airdate 01-10-1987

The Handwriting on the Wall

S02E10 Airdate 01-03-1987


S02E09 Airdate 12-13-1986

Author, Author

S02E08 Airdate 12-06-1986

Father's Day

S02E07 Airdate 11-29-1986

Come Into My Parlor

S02E06 Airdate 11-22-1986

Pillow Talk

S02E05 Airdate 11-15-1986


S02E04 Airdate 11-08-1986

The Great Manhunt

S02E03 Airdate 11-01-1986

Washington Affair

S02E02 Airdate 10-11-1986

Mary Nightingale

S02E01 Airdate 10-04-1986

The Wheel of Misfortune

Season 1

S01E22 Airdate 05-03-1986

Young Man with a Job

S01E21 Airdate 03-08-1986

Pick Six

S01E20 Airdate 02-22-1986

Slam Dunked

S01E19 Airdate 02-15-1986

Fifty Big Ones

S01E18 Airdate 02-08-1986

Redecorating Blues

S01E17 Airdate 02-01-1986

We the People

S01E16 Airdate 01-18-1986

A Young Man's Fancy

S01E15 Airdate 01-11-1986

Brenda's Last Date

S01E14 Airdate 01-04-1986

The Bed of Rose's

S01E13 Airdate 12-14-1985

Mary's Christmas

S01E12 Airdate 12-07-1985

The Big Piano Play-Off

S01E11 Airdate 11-30-1985

A Daughter is a Precious Thing

S01E10 Airdate 11-23-1985

Football Widow

S01E09 Airdate 11-16-1985

Pity the Poor Working Girl

S01E08 Airdate 11-09-1985

A Letter to the President

S01E07 Airdate 11-02-1985

The Sidewalk Sale

S01E06 Airdate 10-26-1985


S01E05 Airdate 10-19-1985

Do You Love Me?

S01E04 Airdate 10-05-1985

The Refrigerator

S01E03 Airdate 09-28-1985

Family Hero

S01E02 Airdate 09-21-1985

Mary's Brother

S01E01 Airdate 09-14-1985



Name 227
Premiere 9-13-1985
Status Ended
Network NBC
Schedule Day Saturday
Language English
Genres Comedy
# 7602