Fatal Vows
Name Fatal Vows
Premiere 11-16-2012
Status Running
Network Investigation Discovery
Schedule Day Saturday
Language English
Genres Drama, Crime, Thriller
# 1185

Fatal Vows

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When marriages fail, divorce can turn ugly - even, deadly: what was once a passionate union becomes plagued by spite, greed, betrayal and, literally, backstabbing. Each episode explores tumultuous, shocking, and disturbing divorces, and delves into the criminal psychology behind what actually happens when one spouse determines that the only way out is murder. Guiding viewers through these crimes of passion are Dr. Brian Russell, an attorney as well as a forensic and clinical psychologist, and Stacy Kaiser, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert. In each episode, the two experts examine the couple featured and provide analysis on marriages that break down to the point that divorce and murder collide.

Season 7

S07E13 Airdate 04-17-2020

Opposites Can Kill

S07E13 Airdate 04-10-2020

Betting On Murder

S07E12 Airdate 04-03-2020

To Kiss Or To Kill

S07E11 Airdate 03-27-2020

Flirting With Murder

S07E10 Airdate 03-20-2020

Deadly Isolation

S07E09 Airdate 03-27-2020

My Way Or The Dead Way

S07E08 Airdate 03-20-2020

The Unholy Affair

S07E07 Airdate 03-13-2020

No Harmony in Polyamory

S07E06 Airdate 03-06-2020

Some Like it Dead

S07E05 Airdate 03-02-2020

The Robinson Affair

S07E04 Airdate 02-28-2020

Hell On Wheels

S07E03 Airdate 02-17-2020

Lethal Romance

S07E02 Airdate 02-10-2020

Honkytonk Killer aka The Robinson Affair

S07E01 Airdate 02-03-2020

Murder Behind The Gates

Season 6

S06E13 Airdate 11-10-2018

Bored to Death

S06E12 Airdate 11-03-2018

Sins of the Heart

S06E11 Airdate 10-27-2018

Deceitful Secrets

S06E10 Airdate 10-20-2018

Living with the Devil

S06E09 Airdate 10-06-2018

Death Outranks Love

S06E08 Airdate 09-29-2018

Curtain Call to Hell

S06E07 Airdate 09-22-2018

Murder, Modesty and the Pastor

S06E06 Airdate 09-15-2018

Ambition to Die For

S06E05 Airdate 09-08-2018

Everybody Loves Rick

S06E04 Airdate 09-01-2018

The Bad Apple

S06E03 Airdate 08-25-2018

Love Gone Bankrupt

S06E02 Airdate 08-18-2018

Behind Closed Doors

S06E01 Airdate 08-11-2018

A Watery Grave

Season 5

S05E13 Airdate 08-12-2017

Death Knows No Borders

S05E12 Airdate 07-29-2017

Drowning in Tears

S05E11 Airdate 07-22-2017

A Thin Blue Line

S05E10 Airdate 07-15-2017

The Ties That Bind

S05E09 Airdate 07-08-2017

Deadly Obsession

S05E08 Airdate 07-01-2017

Reduced to Ash

S05E07 Airdate 06-24-2017

Hell on Earth

S05E06 Airdate 06-17-2017

Murder in the Marina

S05E05 Airdate 06-10-2017

Recipe for Death

S05E04 Airdate 06-03-2017

Rookie Mistake

S05E03 Airdate 05-27-2017

Blood and Sand

S05E02 Airdate 05-20-2017

Love in Flames

S05E01 Airdate 05-13-2017

Second Chance at Death

Season 4

S04E13 Airdate 01-02-2016

At Death's Door

S04E12 Airdate 12-26-2015

Murder in the Cards

S04E11 Airdate 12-19-2015

Sex, Lies and Secret Tans

S04E10 Airdate 12-12-2015

Fall from Grace

S04E09 Airdate 12-05-2015

Death Brawl

S04E08 Airdate 11-28-2015

The Harder They Fall

S04E07 Airdate 11-21-2015

Second Chance at Death

S04E06 Airdate 11-14-2015

Collision Course

S04E05 Airdate 11-07-2015

Murder in Store

S04E04 Airdate 10-31-2015

Jaws of Death

S04E03 Airdate 10-24-2015

Country Killer

S04E02 Airdate 10-17-2015

Crazy Love

S04E01 Airdate 10-10-2015

You Only Die Once

Season 3

S03E13 Airdate 01-31-2015

Death in Vegas

S03E12 Airdate 01-24-2015

Broken Dreams

S03E11 Airdate 01-17-2015

Bloody Matrimony

S03E10 Airdate 01-10-2015

The Devil Inside

S03E09 Airdate 01-03-2015

No Accident

S03E08 Airdate 12-27-2014

Hunting Season

S03E07 Airdate 12-20-2014

Hanging by a Thread

S03E06 Airdate 12-13-2014

Killing Time

S03E05 Airdate 12-06-2014

Death for Dessert

S03E04 Airdate 11-29-2014

Murder by Proxy

S03E03 Airdate 11-22-2014

Big League Murder

S03E02 Airdate 11-15-2014

Death of a Salesman

S03E01 Airdate 11-08-2014

Mid-Life Murder

Season 2

S02E13 Airdate 04-05-2014

Burning Love

S02E12 Airdate 03-29-2014

Black Widow

S02E11 Airdate 03-22-2014

Dazed and Deadly

S02E10 Airdate 03-15-2014

Descent Into Madness

S02E09 Airdate 12-28-2013

Final Notice

S02E08 Airdate 12-21-2013

Black Pearl

S02E07 Airdate 12-14-2013

Unholy Trinity

S02E06 Airdate 12-07-2013

The Other Side of the Tracks

S02E05 Airdate 11-30-2013

Not in Kansas Anymore

S02E04 Airdate 11-23-2013

An Inconvenient Marriage

S02E03 Airdate 11-16-2013

Romance Reloaded

S02E02 Airdate 11-09-2013

In a Lonely Place

S02E01 Airdate 11-02-2013

Half-Baked Alaska

Season 1

S01E10 Airdate 01-19-2013

The Pastor, His Wife, Their Son, and His Mistress

S01E09 Airdate 01-12-2013

The Edge of Love

S01E08 Airdate 01-05-2013

Exquisite Lies

S01E07 Airdate 12-29-2012

Your Cheatin' Heart

S01E06 Airdate 12-22-2012

Lies and Death

S01E05 Airdate 12-15-2012

Death in the Family

S01E04 Airdate 12-08-2012

The Last Seduction

S01E03 Airdate 12-01-2012

Secrets of a Dying Man

S01E02 Airdate 11-24-2012

Blood and Wine

S01E01 Airdate 11-17-2012

Dead Silence


Name Fatal Vows
Premiere 11-16-2012
Status Running
Network Investigation Discovery
Schedule Day Saturday
Language English
Genres Drama, Crime, Thriller
# 1185