Kiratto Pri☆chan
Name Kiratto Pri☆chan
Premiere 4-7-2018
Status Running
Network TV Tokyo
Schedule Day Sunday
Language Japanese
Genres Anime, Music
# 35035

Kiratto Pri☆chan

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First-year middle school girls Mirai Momoyama and Emo Moegi are two aspiring idols who decide to use the "Pri☆Chan System," a system used by famous people and companies to broadcast content. Like many girls starting their own channels and uploading content, the pair decide to become their own producers, starting their own channel in an attempt to become Pri☆Chan idols.

Season 3

S03E20 Airdate 10-18-2020


S03E19 Airdate 10-11-2020

KiracCHU Failed!? The Mascot Certification Exam!

S03E18 Airdate 10-04-2020

A Big Shock! Rabbily's True Master!?

S03E17 Airdate 09-27-2020

Eve is Lost!? The Mermaid Princess Cup!

S03E16 Airdate 09-20-2020

A Sparkling Gathering! It's the Pretty All Friends!

S03E15 Airdate 09-13-2020

Happy Birthday! Emo's Friendship Present!

S03E14 Airdate 09-06-2020

Happy Lovely Wedding!

S03E13 Airdate 08-30-2020

Ring Marry Has Returned Home!

S03E12 Airdate 08-23-2020

Leave it to Me! The PriTama GO

S03E11 Airdate 08-16-2020

Snap! Smile for the Camera!

S03E10 Airdate 08-09-2020

Aim to Pass! The Mascot Certification Exam!

S03E09 Airdate 08-02-2020

Melpan Can't be an Idol!

S03E08 Airdate 07-26-2020

Resonate! It's the Melody Princess Cup!

S03E07 Airdate 07-19-2020

A "Perfect" Solution? A Brilliant Strategy for Creating Peace!

S03E06 Airdate 07-12-2020

KiracCHU, Wants to Perform!

S03E05 Airdate 05-17-2020

KiracCHU, Wants to be an Idol!

S03E04 Airdate 04-26-2020

Shine! The Rainbow Princess Cup!

S03E03 Airdate 04-19-2020

Where, Where? GOGO Search for PriTama!

S03E02 Airdate 04-12-2020

Panpakapan! Melpan is Here!

S03E01 Airdate 04-05-2020

A Sparkling Opening! Pri☆Chan Land Has Arrived!

Season 2

S02E51 Airdate 03-29-2020

Sparkling Connections! That is Pri☆Chan!

S02E50 Airdate 03-22-2020

Dia Protects! Everyone's Pri☆Chan!

S02E49 Airdate 03-15-2020

Please, Diamond Coord, Delivers our feelings!

S02E48 Airdate 03-08-2020

Finally, the Conclusion! The Jewel Collection!!!

S02E47 Airdate 03-01-2020

Still Going On! The Jewel Collection!

S02E46 Airdate 02-23-2020

Finally Open! The Jewel Collection!

S02E45 Airdate 02-16-2020

Excitingly Heart-Racing! Jewel Collection Coming Soon!

S02E44 Airdate 02-09-2020

Dia Comes to Intrude? Searching for Kiratt's Secrets!

S02E43 Airdate 02-02-2020

Maria's Big Shock!? Suzu's a Rival!

S02E42 Airdate 01-26-2020

Makeover! ? A mysterious makeover! Yeah!

S02E41 Airdate 01-19-2020

A Great Adventure! Kiranichiwa to Dia's World!

S02E40 Airdate 01-12-2020

Manager Naru! Worries of Everyone's Dreams!

S02E39 Airdate 12-29-2019

A Big Announcement! This is the Diamond Coord!

S02E38 Airdate 12-22-2019

A Starry Night with Everyone! A Jewel Shining Christmas!

S02E37 Airdate 12-15-2019

Anna and Emo! Reconciliation Survival!

S02E36 Airdate 12-08-2019

Anna-chan and Emo-chan, Under One Roof?

S02E35 Airdate 12-01-2019

Perfect! A Plan to Acquire My Jewel Coord!

S02E34 Airdate 11-24-2019

Suzu-chan Fight! Get Your Cool Older Brother Back!

S02E33 Airdate 11-17-2019

The Rocket Heart! Delivered to Space!

S02E32 Airdate 11-10-2019

A Mysterious Experience with a Mysterious Bookstore!

S02E31 Airdate 11-03-2019

The Last Dia Festival! The Cool Showdown!

S02E30 Airdate 10-27-2019

Finally Disbanded? Oshama Tricks!

S02E29 Airdate 10-20-2019

Exciting! Anju-san's Masquerade Ball!

S02E28 Airdate 10-13-2019

Suddenly Open!? It's the Phoenix Cup!

S02E27 Airdate 10-06-2019

Kirajuku in Uproar!? The Appearance of Phoenix Mask?

S02E26 Airdate 09-29-2019

The Mysterious Idol Finally Debuts!

S02E25 Airdate 09-22-2019

Kiranichiwa! That Day When Dia Meets Dia!

S02E24 Airdate 09-15-2019

Let's Happy Together! Meganee and Me!

S02E23 Airdate 09-08-2019

Everyone Will be Fashionable! The Design Palette!

S02E22 Airdate 09-01-2019

Sara-chan's Worry... Get Over Your Slump!

S02E21 Airdate 08-25-2019

Special Training at Sea! Do Your Best Suzu-chan!

S02E20 Airdate 08-18-2019

Sing, Emo-chan! There Has to be a Way!

S02E19 Airdate 08-11-2019

The Summer Dia Festival! Getting Hot at the Hit Parade!

S02E18 Airdate 08-04-2019

Alright, Departure! Miracle☆Kiratts Become One-Day Station Masters!

S02E17 Airdate 07-28-2019

Goodbye, Suzu and Maria's Farewells with a Smile!

S02E16 Airdate 07-21-2019

Maria and Suzu! They've Finally Formed a Group!?

S02E15 Airdate 07-14-2019

The Design Palette! It'll Make you Fashionable!

S02E14 Airdate 07-07-2019

Suzu Tried to Look Cool!

S02E13 Airdate 06-30-2019

It's Finally Time to Start! Dia Festival!

S02E12 Airdate 06-23-2019

Mel-chan! I Tried to Get Along with My Friends!

S02E11 Airdate 06-16-2019

Maria and Suzu! Saying Hello to Meltic StAr!

S02E10 Airdate 06-09-2019

A Shocking Surprise! Meltic StAr are Back?

S02E09 Airdate 06-02-2019

Wonderful Fun! The Design Palette!

S02E08 Airdate 05-26-2019

Lots of Picture Books! The Fashionable Book Cafe is Opening!

S02E07 Airdate 05-19-2019

Meganee in Big Trouble! Rinka is Going to be a One Day Manager!

S02E06 Airdate 05-12-2019

Maria-chan! Suzu-chan! The Duo's First Program!

S02E05 Airdate 05-05-2019

Maria is Declared! Cute saves the World!

S02E04 Airdate 04-28-2019

Kiratto Heart-Pounding! This is the Jewel Code!

S02E03 Airdate 04-21-2019

The Jewel Chance? Mirai is Trying to Challenge!

S02E02 Airdate 04-14-2019

Maria is Coming! The Lovely Promotion Committee!

S02E01 Airdate 04-07-2019

Heart-throbbing! Exciting! The Jewel Auditions Are Starting!

Season 1

S01E51 Airdate 03-31-2019

Shining Farewell!

S01E50 Airdate 03-24-2019

We Tried Dream Pri☆Chan!

S01E49 Airdate 03-17-2019

Searching, Searching, and Searching!

S01E48 Airdate 03-10-2019

A Decisive Victory or Defeat!

S01E47 Airdate 03-03-2019

Do it Because I Don't Know!

S01E46 Airdate 02-24-2019

Deliver Everyone's Thoughts!

S01E45 Airdate 02-17-2019

Listen to Miss Anju's Heart!

S01E44 Airdate 02-10-2019

Helping for the Fashion Show!

S01E43 Airdate 02-03-2019

I Tried Making Chocolates!

S01E42 Airdate 01-27-2019

Rinka? I tried doing something!?

S01E41 Airdate 01-20-2019

I Tried Cheering on Shunta's Date!

S01E40 Airdate 01-13-2019

I Tried Staying at Sa-Rara's House!

S01E39 Airdate 01-06-2019

I Went to Anju's Island!

S01E38 Airdate 12-23-2018

I Tried with Aira!

S01E37 Airdate 12-16-2018

We Tried a Winter Special!

S01E36 Airdate 12-09-2018

I Tried Getting 100 Points!

S01E35 Airdate 12-02-2018

Friendship, Seeing it Overtime!

S01E34 Airdate 11-25-2018

We Tried Disbanding!

S01E33 Airdate 11-18-2018

Sara Tried Something Fluffy!

S01E32 Airdate 11-11-2018

I Tried Pursuing a Worrying Rumor!

S01E31 Airdate 11-04-2018

We Visited the Manga Site!

S01E30 Airdate 10-28-2018

I Tried Hindering Halloween!

S01E29 Airdate 10-21-2018

We Tried to Look for Sparkles!

S01E28 Airdate 10-14-2018

I Went to a Celebrity Party!

S01E27 Airdate 10-07-2018

We Tried to Decide with a Smile!

S01E26 Airdate 09-30-2018

We Tried Playing Strange Pranks!

S01E25 Airdate 09-23-2018

Mel Tried Being a Detective!

S01E24 Airdate 09-16-2018

I Tried Wishing on a Star!

S01E23 Airdate 09-09-2018

We Tried Meeting Mel-Mel!

S01E22 Airdate 09-02-2018

I Tried Swimming with the Dolphins!

S01E21 Airdate 08-26-2018

Take Part in Midsummer's Festival!

S01E20 Airdate 08-19-2018

Yahoo! Let's go Hiking!

S01E19 Airdate 08-12-2018

The Summer! The Beach! Play it!

S01E18 Airdate 08-05-2018

The Summer Special Event Started!

S01E17 Airdate 07-29-2018

Say Goodbye with Smile!

S01E16 Airdate 07-22-2018

Unlock the Doubts of the Heart!

S01E15 Airdate 07-15-2018

Rinka, First Debut!

S01E14 Airdate 07-08-2018

The Fans are Getting Up Too!

S01E13 Airdate 07-01-2018

Mirai Momoyama, Full Jump!

S01E12 Airdate 06-24-2018

Try to Burning Up the Heart!

S01E11 Airdate 06-17-2018

The Special Program First Debut!

S01E10 Airdate 06-10-2018

The Dating with Rival!

S01E09 Airdate 06-03-2018

I'm Going to Meet the Challenge!

S01E08 Airdate 05-27-2018

Try to Design Hair & Makeup!

S01E07 Airdate 05-20-2018

Filming the Cat Video!

S01E06 Airdate 05-13-2018

Sending the Yell!

S01E05 Airdate 05-06-2018

The Full Depth of Big Challenges!

S01E04 Airdate 04-29-2018

Try to Appeal for the Sweets!

S01E03 Airdate 04-22-2018

Creating an Idol Song!

S01E02 Airdate 04-15-2018

Our First Attempt At A Flower Shop Pri☆Chan!

S01E01 Airdate 04-08-2018

The First Attempt At Kiratto Pri☆Chan!


Name Kiratto Pri☆chan
Premiere 4-7-2018
Status Running
Network TV Tokyo
Schedule Day Sunday
Language Japanese
Genres Anime, Music
# 35035