Restoration Garage
Name Restoration Garage
Premiere 8-25-2013
Status Running
Network History
Schedule Day Tuesday
Language English
# 22214

Next Episode: Episode 12

S06E12 Airdate 04-16-2020

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An oil drenched, history soaked, paint splattered garage where the dreams of lofty aficionados and grease monkey gear-heads meet.

Season 6

S06E12 Airdate 04-16-2020

Episode 12

S06E11 Airdate 04-09-2020

Episode 11

S06E10 Airdate 04-02-2020

Win, Lose and Draw

S06E09 Airdate 03-26-2020

Episode 9

S06E08 Airdate 03-19-2020

Episode 8

S06E07 Airdate 03-12-2020

History and Hairpin Turns

S06E06 Airdate 03-05-2020

Cyclecars and Citroens

S06E05 Airdate 02-27-2020

Road Rally Chaos

S06E04 Airdate 02-20-2020

More Than a Car

S06E03 Airdate 02-13-2020

Put To The Test

S06E02 Airdate 02-06-2020

Goodbye Rat Rod

S06E01 Airdate 01-30-2020

Forming a Bond

Season 5

S05E12 Airdate 04-23-2019

Army Restoration

S05E11 Airdate 04-16-2019

Precious Metal

S05E10 Airdate 04-09-2019

Choppin' Tops

S05E09 Airdate 04-02-2019

California Car Art

S05E08 Airdate 03-26-2019

Speed and the Demon

S05E07 Airdate 03-19-2019

Panhard Lemon

S05E06 Airdate 03-12-2019

Lancia Love

S05E05 Airdate 03-05-2019

Handcrafted Perfection

S05E04 Airdate 02-26-2019

Muscle Car Mania

S05E03 Airdate 02-19-2019

Old Yeller

S05E02 Airdate 02-12-2019

Cord Confusion

S05E01 Airdate 02-05-2019

Peace, Love, and Cars

Season 4

S04E12 Airdate 04-04-2018

The Belly Tank Racer

S04E11 Airdate 03-28-2018

The Little Engines That Couldn't

S04E10 Airdate 03-21-2018

Collection Obsession

S04E09 Airdate 03-14-2018

A Classic Coach

S04E08 Airdate 03-07-2018

A Piecing of History

S04E07 Airdate 02-28-2018

Rat Rod Love

S04E06 Airdate 02-21-2018

Auto Reboot

S04E05 Airdate 02-14-2018

Hat Trick

S04E04 Airdate 02-07-2018

No Horse Power

S04E03 Airdate 01-31-2018

Altitude Sickness

S04E02 Airdate 01-24-2018

Mopar Nut

S04E01 Airdate 01-24-2018

Restoration Overload

Season 3

S03E12 Airdate 03-23-2017

Storage Treasures

S03E11 Airdate 03-17-2017

Along Came a Spyder

S03E10 Airdate 03-10-2017

Built for Speed

S03E09 Airdate 03-03-2017

A Cord Accord

S03E08 Airdate 02-23-2017

Running on Fumes

S03E07 Airdate 02-16-2017

Full Circles

S03E06 Airdate 02-09-2017

Hot Wheels, Hot Deals

S03E05 Airdate 02-02-2017

High & Mighty

S03E04 Airdate 01-26-2017

Alfa Dogs

S03E03 Airdate 01-12-2017

Spring Cleaning

S03E02 Airdate 01-05-2017

Farm Boy

S03E01 Airdate 01-05-2017

Delahaye Fever

Season 2

S02E08 Airdate 11-17-2014

Race to the Finish

S02E07 Airdate 10-27-2014

Car Love

S02E06 Airdate 10-20-2014

Test of Skill

S02E05 Airdate 10-06-2014

It's Alive!

S02E04 Airdate 09-29-2014

The Guild Way

S02E03 Airdate 09-22-2014

Precious Memories

S02E02 Airdate 09-15-2014

Keep It Simple

S02E01 Airdate 09-08-2014

Rat Rod Rally

Season 1

S01E09 Airdate 10-21-2013

The Big Day

S01E08 Airdate 10-14-2013

Wheeling and Dealing

S01E07 Airdate 10-07-2013

The Italian Job

S01E06 Airdate 09-30-2013

Instant Replay

S01E05 Airdate 09-23-2013

Taking a Gamble

S01E04 Airdate 09-16-2013

Turning up the Heat

S01E03 Airdate 09-09-2013

Going South

S01E02 Airdate 09-02-2013

Knuckle Busters

S01E01 Airdate 08-26-2013

Dream Cars


Name Restoration Garage
Premiere 8-25-2013
Status Running
Network History
Schedule Day Tuesday
Language English
# 22214