Running Man
Name Running Man
Premiere 7-10-2010
Status Running
Rating 9.1
Network SBS
Schedule Day Sunday
Language Korean
Genres Comedy
# 3479

Next Episode: 527

S2020E527 Airdate 11-01-2020

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Running Man is a South Korean variety show that first aired on July 11, 2010. This show is classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows. The MCs and guests complete missions in landmarks to win the race. It has garnered attention as being the come-back program for Yu Jae-suk, the main MC of the program, after leaving Good Sunday's Family Outing in February 2010.

Season 2020

S2020E531 Airdate 11-29-2020


S2020E530 Airdate 11-22-2020


S2020E529 Airdate 11-15-2020


S2020E528 Airdate 11-08-2020


S2020E527 Airdate 11-01-2020


S2020E526 Airdate 10-25-2020


S2020E525 Airdate 10-18-2020


S2020E524 Airdate 10-11-2020


S2020E523 Airdate 10-04-2020

Holiday Family Race: The Legacy War of Yoo's Family

S2020E522 Airdate 09-27-2020

America VS Asia: The King of Trade of This Area

S2020E521 Airdate 09-20-2020

Destiny Choice Race: All or Nothing

S2020E520 Airdate 09-13-2020

8 People 8 Colours Race: A Lucky Hobby

S2020E519 Airdate 09-06-2020

The Blame Running Man's Provocation: Copycat

S2020E518 Airdate 08-30-2020

Brahms Music School Race: Do you like 1 people?

S2020E517 Airdate 08-23-2020

Link Average Race: Live Without Ending

S2020E516 Airdate 08-16-2020

Operation to clean up criminals: Domestic Investigation

S2020E515 Airdate 08-09-2020

A Two-person Jailbreak Race: I don't know much, but it's my partner

S2020E514 Airdate 08-02-2020

Find My Family Race: Little Sister Can't Be Stopped

S2020E513 Airdate 07-26-2020

Capitalism Partner Race: Don't Worry Be Happy

S2020E512 Airdate 07-19-2020

The 1st Tazza Hip Chairman Election: The War of the Veterans

S2020E511 Airdate 07-12-2020

10-Year Anniversary Special Live Broadcasting: The Blame Running Man's Provocation

S2020E510 Airdate 07-05-2020

Find the secret of reincarnation: Reincarnation camp 2020

S2020E509 Airdate 06-28-2020

The Super-powers School Race: The Super-powers War: Endgame

S2020E508 Airdate 06-21-2020

Running Man Loyalty Race: Witty Sharing Life

S2020E507 Airdate 06-14-2020

Secret Broker Race: Hot Items from Convenience Store

S2020E506 Airdate 06-07-2020

Captains of Running Man

S2020E505 Airdate 05-31-2020

Eliminating Trespassers: Secret of the Old Village

S2020E504 Airdate 05-24-2020

Crossroads of Choice: Too Much Dilemma

S2020E503 Airdate 05-17-2020

Festival Money Securing Race: A World of the Festival

S2020E502 Airdate 05-10-2020

Tiger's Birthday Party

S2020E501 Airdate 05-03-2020

The 1st Running Man's Ultimate Quiz Show

S2020E500 Airdate 04-26-2020

Greedy Camp Race

S2020E499 Airdate 04-19-2020

Running Man Class

S2020E498 Airdate 04-12-2020

I Saw the Angels and Devils: The Devils' Advocates

S2020E497 Airdate 04-05-2020

Race Nobody Can Tell: Hey, You Can Find Out Too!

S2020E496 Airdate 03-29-2020

Idol versus Running Man, Center's Dignity

S2020E495 Airdate 03-22-2020

Protect Your Mom: Another Rice Cake to the Ugly Child

S2020E494 Airdate 03-15-2020

Do Whatever You Want! Running MT

S2020E493 Airdate 03-08-2020

Fate Betting Race: Throw Double or Nothing

S2020E492 Airdate 03-01-2020

Decide! Bag, Part 2

S2020E491 Airdate 02-23-2020

Decide! Bag

S2020E490 Airdate 02-16-2020

Running Countdown

S2020E489 Airdate 02-09-2020

A Special Party: Hungry Race

S2020E488 Airdate 02-02-2020

The Thieves: Tear of Yondu

S2020E487 Airdate 01-26-2020

The Rat Holds the Briefcase with Money

S2020E486 Airdate 01-19-2020

Running Martial Arts School: Trade the Cards

S2020E485 Airdate 01-12-2020

We Won't Harm You

S2020E484 Airdate 01-05-2020

Ggannes Film Festival: The Uninvited One, Part 2

Season 2019

S2019E483 Airdate 12-29-2019

Ggannes Film Festival: The Uninvited One

S2019E482 Airdate 12-22-2019

Ghost Hunter Race

S2019E481 Airdate 12-15-2019

To Incheon: Catch Me

S2019E480 Airdate 12-08-2019

Run to You: Project to Attract Investments

S2019E479 Airdate 12-01-2019

Along with Distrust

S2019E478 Airdate 11-24-2019

SBS Ghost Stories, Part 2

S2019E477 Airdate 11-17-2019

SBS Ghost Stories

S2019E476 Airdate 11-10-2019

Mysterious Animal Farm

S2019E475 Airdate 11-03-2019

Michelin Gourmet Eaters

S2019E474 Airdate 10-27-2019

Betray for the Gold Bars

S2019E473 Airdate 10-20-2019

Joker's House

S2019E472 Airdate 10-13-2019

Anyang Chase

S2019E471 Airdate 10-06-2019

Secret Code: Autumn Ambush

S2019E470 Airdate 09-29-2019

What Happened at Their Holiday Spot

S2019E469 Airdate 09-22-2019

Nine Years of Running Man: The Grand Finale

S2019E468 Airdate 09-15-2019

Nine Years of Running Man: Spy Game

S2019E467 Airdate 09-08-2019

Running Man's Fan-Meet: 9 Years of Running Man

S2019E466 Airdate 09-01-2019

War of Light: Black and White

S2019E465 Airdate 08-25-2019

Deity of Games: Don't Trust Anyone

S2019E464 Airdate 08-18-2019

Find the Father

S2019E463 Airdate 08-11-2019

Race metamorphosis

S2019E462 Airdate 08-04-2019

Battle for food

S2019E461 Airdate 07-28-2019

Pair race

S2019E460 Airdate 07-21-2019

Five Exits: Escape to Live

S2019E459 Airdate 07-14-2019

My Partner is Faraway on Running Man

S2019E458 Airdate 07-06-2019

On Our Way to Escort You

S2019E457 Airdate 06-23-2019

Lyrics Writing Race Part 2

S2019E456 Airdate 06-16-2019

Lyrics Writing Race

S2019E455 Airdate 06-09-2019

The Devil Wears Running Shirts Part 2

S2019E454 Airdate 06-02-2019

The Devil Wears Running Shirts

S2019E453 Airdate 05-26-2019

Fake Family Members

S2019E452 Airdate 05-19-2019

Demon's Whispers

S2019E451 Airdate 05-12-2019

Deep-rooted Secret

S2019E450 Airdate 05-05-2019

Your Name

S2019E449 Airdate 04-28-2019

Return of Yoomes Bond

S2019E448 Airdate 04-21-2019

Search Running Man

S2019E447 Airdate 04-14-2019

One Fine Spring Day

S2019E446 Airdate 04-07-2019

So Min's Secret Personal Life

S2019E445 Airdate 03-31-2019

The Counterattack of Singles

S2019E444 Airdate 03-24-2019

Case Number 444

S2019E443 Airdate 03-17-2019

The Secret of the Boxes

S2019E442 Airdate 03-10-2019

Running Man College

S2019E441 Airdate 03-03-2019

The Revenge of the Bee

S2019E440 Airdate 02-24-2019

The Secret of 100

S2019E439 Airdate 02-17-2019

Survive To The End

S2019E438 Airdate 02-10-2019

Ace Versus Champion

S2019E437 Airdate 02-03-2019

New Year Special: I Am The King

S2019E436 Airdate 01-27-2019

RPG: Episode 4, The Last War

S2019E435 Airdate 01-20-2019

RPG: Episode 3, Catch Me If You Can

S2019E434 Airdate 01-13-2019

RPG: Episode 2, The Secret of The Clans

S2019E433 Airdate 01-06-2019

RPG: Episode 1, The Great Beginning

Season 2018

S2018E432 Airdate 12-30-2018

Christmas Special - Flirting Santa Claus

S2018E431 Airdate 12-23-2018

Christmas Special - The Miracle of Christmas

S2018E430 Airdate 12-16-2018

2018 Year End Special (2)

S2018E429 Airdate 12-09-2018

2018 Year End Special (1)

S2018E428 Airdate 12-02-2018

Everyone Has a Secret

S2018E427 Airdate 11-25-2018

Crazy Partners

S2018E426 Airdate 11-18-2018

Intimate Strangers

S2018E425 Airdate 11-11-2018

Dangerous Family

S2018E424 Airdate 11-04-2018

The Nightmare of Halloween

S2018E423 Airdate 10-21-2018

Game of Thrones: Rank Game Race

S2018E422 Airdate 10-14-2018

The Legendary Captain Race

S2018E421 Airdate 10-07-2018

Dangerous Delivery Finale: Dangerous Trip Part 2

S2018E420 Airdate 09-30-2018

Dangerous Delivery Finale: Dangerous Trip

S2018E419 Airdate 09-23-2018

Dangerous Delivery Part 2, The Secret of the Briefcase

S2018E418 Airdate 09-16-2018

Dangerous Delivery

S2018E417 Airdate 09-09-2018

The Dangerous Choice Special Part 2

S2018E416 Airdate 09-02-2018

The Dangerous Choice Special, Truth or Dare

S2018E415 Airdate 08-26-2018

Happy Death Day, Along with the Birthdays Race

S2018E414 Airdate 08-19-2018

Suspicious Race

S2018E413 Airdate 08-12-2018

Unlucky Vacation

S2018E412 Airdate 08-05-2018

Get Your Number Eights

S2018E411 Airdate 07-29-2018

Missing Shoes

S2018E410 Airdate 07-22-2018

Catch the Spy Race

S2018E409 Airdate 07-15-2018

The Legendary Couple Race

S2018E408 Airdate 07-08-2018

Family Package Project Finale (8)

S2018E407 Airdate 07-01-2018

Family Package Project Finale (7)

S2018E406 Airdate 06-24-2018

Family Package Project Finale (6)

S2018E405 Airdate 06-17-2018

Don't Trust Them: Thieves Race

S2018E404 Airdate 06-10-2018

Invigorating Race

S2018E403 Airdate 06-03-2018

Isolated Race

S2018E402 Airdate 05-27-2018

Zombie Couple Race

S2018E401 Airdate 05-20-2018

TV Rating Notice Race Part 2 Finale (2)

S2018E400 Airdate 05-13-2018

Family Package Project Finale (5)

S2018E399 Airdate 05-06-2018

So Min & Se Chan's One Year Anniversary Special (2) / Family Package Project (4)

S2018E398 Airdate 04-29-2018

So Min & Se Chan's One Year Anniversary Special (1)

S2018E397 Airdate 04-22-2018

TV Rating Notice Race Part 2 (1)

S2018E396 Airdate 04-15-2018

Family Package Project (3)

S2018E395 Airdate 04-08-2018

Family Package Project (2), Find the Coaches

S2018E394 Airdate 04-01-2018

Family Package Project (2), The Lost Sticker

S2018E393 Airdate 03-25-2018

Family Package Project (1)

S2018E392 Airdate 03-18-2018

Random Tour Race (3) / Family Package Project (0)

S2018E391 Airdate 03-11-2018

Random Tour Race (2)

S2018E390 Airdate 03-04-2018

Random Tour Race (1)

S2018E389 Airdate 02-18-2018

Jeju Island Adventure

S2018E388 Airdate 02-04-2018

Rule of Collection

S2018E387 Airdate 01-28-2018

Running Prison

S2018E386 Airdate 01-21-2018

Which Member Will Win?

S2018E385 Airdate 01-14-2018

The New Year Star Wars

S2018E384 Airdate 01-07-2018

The New Year Fortune

Season 2017

S2017E383 Airdate 12-31-2017

Winter Kingdom Survival

S2017E382 Airdate 12-24-2017

Christmas Special

S2017E381 Airdate 12-17-2017

Mysterious Opening

S2017E380 Airdate 12-10-2017

Different Dreams on the Money Race

S2017E379 Airdate 12-03-2017

Tiger Butterfly Tour (2)

S2017E378 Airdate 11-26-2017

Tiger Butterfly Tour (1)

S2017E377 Airdate 11-19-2017

Return of the Heiress Race

S2017E376 Airdate 11-12-2017

Running Man Dongye Olympic Race

S2017E375 Airdate 11-05-2017

City of Outlaws Race (2)

S2017E374 Airdate 10-29-2017

City of Outlaws Race (1)

S2017E373 Airdate 10-22-2017

Do Whatever You Want

S2017E372 Airdate 10-15-2017

Half-and-Half Tour Pass Race

S2017E371 Airdate 10-08-2017

Tiger Moth Tour (2)

S2017E370 Airdate 10-01-2017

Tiger Moth Tour (1)

S2017E369 Airdate 09-24-2017

Half-and-Half Tour Final: The Hell of Roulette (5)

S2017E368 Airdate 09-17-2017

Half-and-Half Tour: Public Enemy Part 2 (4)

S2017E367 Airdate 09-10-2017

Half-and-Half Tour: Public Enemy (3)

S2017E366 Airdate 09-03-2017

Half-and-Half Tour: Sensing Race (2)

S2017E365 Airdate 08-27-2017

Half-and-Half Tour: Half-and-Half Race (1)

S2017E364 Airdate 08-20-2017

Summer Special: Finding Ghosts (3)

S2017E363 Airdate 08-13-2017

Summer Special: Finding Bad Girls (2)

S2017E362 Airdate 08-06-2017

Summer Special: Finding the Boss (1)

S2017E361 Airdate 07-30-2017

7th Anniversary Special: Real Family Outing (2)

S2017E360 Airdate 07-23-2017

7th Anniversary Special: Real Family Outing (1)

S2017E359 Airdate 07-16-2017

Somewhere 1%: I GO, STOP Race (5)

S2017E358 Airdate 07-09-2017

Somewhere 1%: Protecting I GO Sticker Race (4)

S2017E357 Airdate 07-02-2017

Somewhere 1%: No.1 Couple Race (3)

S2017E356 Airdate 06-25-2017

Somewhere 1%: Complete Disagreement Race (2)

S2017E355 Airdate 06-18-2017

Somewhere 1%: #1 Tour in Tokyo (1)

S2017E354 Airdate 06-11-2017

Global Project - Labyrinth of Fear (9)

S2017E353 Airdate 06-04-2017

Global Project - Russia & Mongolia 2 (8)

S2017E352 Airdate 05-28-2017

Global Project - Russia & Mongolia (7)

S2017E351 Airdate 05-21-2017

Global Project - Dangerous Banquet (6)

S2017E350 Airdate 05-14-2017

Global Project - Dangerous Choice (5)

S2017E349 Airdate 05-07-2017

Global Project - Dangerous Visiting (4)

S2017E348 Airdate 04-30-2017

Global Project - Dangerous Bag (3)

S2017E347 Airdate 04-23-2017

Global Project - Dangerous Goddess (2)

S2017E346 Airdate 04-16-2017

Running Mate - Dangerous Room (1)

S2017E345 Airdate 04-09-2017

King of the Booking Race

S2017E344 Airdate 04-02-2017

The Secret of Runchelin

S2017E343 Airdate 03-26-2017

Gongju Tour - Couple Race

S2017E342 Airdate 03-19-2017

Getting Item Race

S2017E341 Airdate 03-05-2017

Dangerous Deal

S2017E340 Airdate 02-26-2017

Member's Week 7 - Lee Kwang Soo

S2017E339 Airdate 02-19-2017

Member's Week 6 - Yoo Jae-suk

S2017E338 Airdate 02-12-2017

Break Week: Kwang Soo VS Jae Suk

S2017E337 Airdate 02-05-2017

Member's Week 5 - Haha

S2017E336 Airdate 01-29-2017

Member's Week 4 - Gary

S2017E335 Airdate 01-22-2017

Member's Week 3 - Ji Suk-jin

S2017E334 Airdate 01-15-2017

Member's Week 2 - Kim Jong-kook

S2017E333 Airdate 01-08-2017

Member's Week 1 - Song Ji-hyo

S2017E332 Airdate 01-01-2017

2017 New Year's Special

Season 2016

S2016E331 Airdate 12-25-2016

Bad Santa Christmas Special with Kim So-hyun

S2016E330 Airdate 12-18-2016

Jeonju Tour

S2016E329 Airdate 12-11-2016

United or Divided

S2016E328 Airdate 12-04-2016

Busan Vacation

S2016E327 Airdate 11-27-2016

Bromance War

S2016E326 Airdate 11-20-2016

Steamed Rice Stealer Race

S2016E325 Airdate 11-13-2016

Deficiency Travel

S2016E324 Airdate 11-06-2016

The Messy Special

S2016E323 Airdate 10-30-2016

My Avatar Can

S2016E322 Airdate 10-23-2016

Running Man Autumn Sports Day

S2016E321 Airdate 10-16-2016

Can't Get Out MT Race

S2016E320 Airdate 10-09-2016

Hangul Proclamation Day Special Race

S2016E319 Airdate 10-02-2016

Running Man GO

S2016E318 Airdate 09-25-2016

Running Man TV

S2016E317 Airdate 09-18-2016

Avengers 2 - Lee Kyung-kyu Strikes Back

S2016E316 Airdate 09-11-2016

Train to Prison

S2016E315 Airdate 09-04-2016

Running Map

S2016E314 Airdate 08-28-2016

Game of Thrones

S2016E313 Airdate 08-21-2016

Running Woman

S2016E312 Airdate 08-14-2016

Monthly Running Man

S2016E311 Airdate 08-07-2016

Representative Player Contest Race (2) + Mystery Cube Adventure

S2016E310 Airdate 07-31-2016

Representative Player Contest Race (1)

S2016E309 Airdate 07-24-2016

Kwang-soo Strikes Back

S2016E308 Airdate 07-17-2016

Special Agent H - The Next to Last Person

S2016E307 Airdate 07-10-2016

Summer MT Special - 'Thumbs Up' Couple Race

S2016E306 Airdate 07-03-2016

Strange Rescue Team

S2016E305 Airdate 06-26-2016

Running Man vs Avengers

S2016E304 Airdate 06-19-2016

Oh My Goddess

S2016E303 Airdate 06-12-2016

Running Man Hunting

S2016E302 Airdate 06-05-2016

Dangerous Table

S2016E301 Airdate 05-29-2016

7 vs 300 Part 2

S2016E300 Airdate 05-22-2016

7 vs 300 Part 1

S2016E299 Airdate 05-15-2016

Center War

S2016E298 Airdate 05-08-2016

Finding No Man Race

S2016E297 Airdate 05-01-2016

After Sunset Race

S2016E296 Airdate 04-24-2016

I Am Sorry, I Love You Special - 7 Loves (2)

S2016E295 Airdate 04-17-2016

I Am Sorry, I Love You Special - Running Man A/S (1)

S2016E294 Airdate 04-10-2016

Robot War : Running Man vs Machine

S2016E293 Airdate 04-03-2016

Majority Decision Race

S2016E292 Airdate 03-27-2016

Running Man 1st Unlucky Hand Festival

S2016E291 Airdate 03-20-2016

Running Man Q&A

S2016E290 Airdate 03-13-2016

Running Man Dubai Special - Sandglass Race (2)

S2016E289 Airdate 03-06-2016

Running Man Free Tour in Dubai (1)

S2016E288 Airdate 02-28-2016

Running Man Wish List Special 1 - 7 Spoons

S2016E287 Airdate 02-21-2016

12 Years Older Intern

S2016E286 Airdate 02-14-2016

Mystery Mountain Cabin & 7 Detectives

S2016E285 Airdate 02-07-2016

The 5th Strongest Running Man Competition

S2016E284 Airdate 01-31-2016

10 Secret Society

S2016E283 Airdate 01-24-2016

FC Running Man in Shanghai

S2016E282 Airdate 01-17-2016

A Tale of Running Man in Winter

S2016E281 Airdate 01-10-2016

The House - The Heir Game

S2016E280 Airdate 01-03-2016

SNS Reply Race

Season 2015

S2015E279 Airdate 12-27-2015

X-Man Collaboration Special (2) + 2016 Luck Battle

S2015E278 Airdate 12-20-2015

X-Man Collaboration Special (1)

S2015E277 Airdate 12-13-2015

The Zombie Virus Race

S2015E276 Airdate 12-06-2015

Lost in Seoul

S2015E275 Airdate 11-29-2015

The Rival Big Match

S2015E274 Airdate 11-22-2015

Chain Link Camping

S2015E273 Airdate 11-15-2015

The Laughter War Race

S2015E272 Airdate 11-08-2015

The 100 vs. 100 Race (2)

S2015E271 Airdate 11-01-2015

The 100 vs. 100 Race (1)

S2015E270 Airdate 10-25-2015

The Mysterious Host

S2015E269 Airdate 10-18-2015

The Legacy

S2015E268 Airdate 10-11-2015

The Legendary Couple Ring Race

S2015E267 Airdate 10-04-2015

Running Man Special: Consensus

S2015E266 Airdate 09-27-2015

Rest Stop Specialty Food Tour

S2015E265 Airdate 09-20-2015

Escape from the Desert Island

S2015E264 Airdate 09-13-2015

The Legendary Detectives Race

S2015E263 Airdate 09-06-2015

Beautiful Youth Race

S2015E262 Airdate 08-30-2015

Cab Drivers' Favorite Restaurant Expedition!

S2015E261 Airdate 08-23-2015

Please, Find Me! (5th Anniversary Special, Part 2)

S2015E260 Airdate 08-16-2015

The Million Seller Race (5th Anniversary Special, Part 1)

S2015E259 Airdate 08-09-2015

The Actress Casting Call Competition

S2015E258 Airdate 08-02-2015

Find Your Identity: Police vs. Mafia

S2015E257 Airdate 07-26-2015

The Battle of Heroes Race

S2015E256 Airdate 07-19-2015

Come Over to My Place

S2015E255 Airdate 07-12-2015

The Queen of Early Summer Race

S2015E254 Airdate 07-05-2015

Welcome to the Game World

S2015E253 Airdate 06-28-2015

Love Vacation

S2015E252 Airdate 06-21-2015

High School King

S2015E251 Airdate 06-14-2015

Love and War

S2015E250 Airdate 06-07-2015

Dashing Through Time

S2015E249 Airdate 05-31-2015

Jjajang Road: The Blacklist Race

S2015E248 Airdate 05-24-2015

The Polar Opposites Penalty Race

S2015E247 Airdate 05-17-2015

Happy Kwang Soo Day!

S2015E246 Airdate 05-10-2015

Kidnapped Actress - The Secret of a Fake Detective

S2015E245 Airdate 05-03-2015

The Toy Race: Jinu and Sean of Jinusean

S2015E244 Airdate 04-26-2015

Dangerous Brides

S2015E243 Airdate 04-19-2015

The Hottest Icon Race

S2015E242 Airdate 04-12-2015

Running Man Global Mission Tour

S2015E241 Airdate 04-05-2015

The Secret Alumni Race

S2015E240 Airdate 03-29-2015

Protect the 20 Year Old Big Nose Brother

S2015E239 Airdate 03-22-2015

The Dark Night Race

S2015E238 Airdate 03-15-2015

Water Fairy Race

S2015E237 Airdate 03-08-2015

The Greatest Love Race

S2015E236 Airdate 03-01-2015

The Real Man Competition

S2015E235 Airdate 02-22-2015

2015 New Year Cooking Battle (2)

S2015E234 Airdate 02-15-2015

2015 New Year Cooking Battle (1)

S2015E233 Airdate 02-08-2015

Idol Race 2015

S2015E232 Airdate 02-01-2015

Best Friends Race - Gold or Friendship?

S2015E231 Airdate 01-25-2015

Yoo-ames Bond: The Successor

S2015E230 Airdate 01-18-2015

Flower Boys' Crush Report

S2015E229 Airdate 01-11-2015

Making Couple Race

S2015E228 Airdate 01-04-2015

Weather Race

Season 2014

S2014E227 Airdate 12-28-2014

The Return of the Monster

S2014E226 Airdate 12-21-2014

Take Care of Our Mother

S2014E225 Airdate 12-14-2014

The Last Case

S2014E224 Airdate 12-07-2014

Two-Faced Angels

S2014E223 Airdate 11-30-2014

Salary-Man SUPER Race!

S2014E222 Airdate 11-23-2014

Running Wars

S2014E221 Airdate 11-16-2014

King of Events Race

S2014E220 Airdate 11-09-2014

Best Couple Humanity

S2014E219 Airdate 11-02-2014

The Return of the Queen

S2014E218 Airdate 10-26-2014

Find and Chase Down the Culprit

S2014E217 Airdate 10-19-2014

Death Bingo Race

S2014E216 Airdate 10-12-2014

Running Heroes - Heroes' Resurrection

S2014E215 Airdate 10-05-2014

October Bride

S2014E214 Airdate 09-28-2014

R-Pop Star Race Special (My Lovely Girl vs. Running Man)

S2014E213 Airdate 09-21-2014

Running Man Mini Series - It's Okay, That's Chaebol

S2014E212 Airdate 09-07-2014

1470 Amusement Park Special - Part II

S2014E211 Airdate 08-31-2014

1470 Amusement Park Special

S2014E210 Airdate 08-24-2014

Black and White - The Life of One Game

S2014E209 Airdate 08-17-2014

Legend vs. Young Blood

S2014E208 Airdate 08-10-2014

Hallyu Star Battle: Suzy Miss A vs. Lee Kwang Soo

S2014E207 Airdate 08-03-2014

Ji Suk-jin and Friends

S2014E206 Airdate 07-27-2014

DIY Cooking Battle Show

S2014E205 Airdate 07-20-2014

The Best Part-Time Job

S2014E204 Airdate 07-13-2014

Snow White & 7 Dwarfs

S2014E203 Airdate 07-06-2014

One Day Tour Race

S2014E202 Airdate 06-29-2014

Running Man Quiz Race

S2014E201 Airdate 06-22-2014

Running Man vs. Idols

S2014E200 Airdate 06-15-2014

Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Indonesia

S2014E199 Airdate 06-08-2014

Running Man Goes to Asian Dream Cup 2014

S2014E198 Airdate 06-01-2014

Absolute Love Couple Race

S2014E197 Airdate 05-25-2014

National University Race: King Of Ddakdji

S2014E196 Airdate 05-18-2014

Running Man's Time Travel

S2014E195 Airdate 05-11-2014

I'm MC Yoo

S2014E194 Airdate 05-04-2014

Mafia Game, Part 2

S2014E193 Airdate 04-13-2014

Mafia Game, Part 1

S2014E192 Airdate 04-06-2014

Cross Country Race

S2014E191 Airdate 03-30-2014

Adventures in Australia - Part III

S2014E190 Airdate 03-23-2014

Entertainment vs. Drama

S2014E189 Airdate 03-16-2014

Adventures in Australia - Part II

S2014E188 Airdate 03-09-2014

Adventures in Australia

S2014E187 Airdate 03-02-2014

Han River Crossing Race

S2014E186 Airdate 02-23-2014

Seoul's Faces

S2014E185 Airdate 02-16-2014

My Love from the Running Stars

S2014E184 Airdate 02-09-2014

Winter Olympics

S2014E183 Airdate 02-02-2014

Destined Partner

S2014E182 Airdate 01-26-2014

Hong Kong Fan's Race

S2014E181 Airdate 01-19-2014

Romeo and Juliet

S2014E180 Airdate 01-12-2014

Running Man Cooking Battle (2)

S2014E179 Airdate 01-05-2014

Running Man Cooking Battle (1)

Season 2013

S2013E178 Airdate 12-29-2013

Year End Special

S2013E177 Airdate 12-22-2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas

S2013E176 Airdate 12-15-2013

Men's Popularity Race

S2013E175 Airdate 12-08-2013


S2013E174 Airdate 12-01-2013

The Number

S2013E173 Airdate 11-24-2013

Superpower Baseball

S2013E172 Airdate 11-17-2013

Ryu Hyunjin's Autumn MT

S2013E171 Airdate 11-10-2013

Ryu Hyunjin's Choice

S2013E170 Airdate 11-03-2013

The Wizard of Oz

S2013E169 Airdate 10-27-2013

Find the Key of Freedom

S2013E168 Airdate 10-20-2013

The Wolf and the Lamb

S2013E167 Airdate 10-13-2013

The Legend of the Troublemakers

S2013E166 Airdate 10-06-2013

The Heirs

S2013E165 Airdate 09-29-2013

Search for the Little Girl

S2013E164 Airdate 09-22-2013

Great Inheritance

S2013E163 Airdate 09-15-2013

Stealing Princess Ji-hyo's Heart

S2013E162 Airdate 09-08-2013

King of Idols

S2013E161 Airdate 09-01-2013

Pirates of the Caribbean

S2013E160 Airdate 08-25-2013

Ranking Organization

S2013E159 Airdate 08-18-2013

Couple Race

S2013E158 Airdate 08-11-2013

Goyang Aqua Studio

S2013E157 Airdate 08-04-2013

I Hear Your Voice (Parody)

S2013E156 Airdate 07-28-2013

Hangang Park

S2013E155 Airdate 07-21-2013

Destiny's Pairs

S2013E154 Airdate 07-14-2013

Shanghai Dream Cup 2013

S2013E153 Airdate 07-07-2013

Korea Polar Research Institute

S2013E152 Airdate 06-30-2013

Baekje Cultural Complex

S2013E151 Airdate 06-23-2013

King of the Killers Race

S2013E150 Airdate 06-16-2013

The Avengers

S2013E149 Airdate 06-09-2013

The Legendary Nine-Tailed Fox

S2013E148 Airdate 06-02-2013

Gapyeong Gymnasium

S2013E147 Airdate 05-26-2013

Running Man Athletic Tournament

S2013E146 Airdate 05-19-2013

Betrayer Club Arrest Operation

S2013E145 Airdate 05-12-2013

Running Man vs. Law of the Jungle

S2013E144 Airdate 05-05-2013

Legendary King of Ddakji

S2013E143 Airdate 04-28-2013

Karaoke Race

S2013E142 Airdate 04-21-2013

Best Couple Race

S2013E141 Airdate 04-14-2013

Animal Kingdom

S2013E140 Airdate 04-07-2013

Find the Vaccine to Save the World

S2013E139 Airdate 03-31-2013

That Winter... the Typhoon Blows

S2013E138 Airdate 03-24-2013

Control of the School Flag

S2013E137 Airdate 03-17-2013

The Fools and the Princesses

S2013E136 Airdate 03-10-2013

Legend of the Nine Swords (Asia Race Part III, Vietnam)

S2013E135 Airdate 03-03-2013

Treasure Hunter

S2013E134 Airdate 02-24-2013

Secret of the Nine Swords (Asia Race Part II, Vietnam)

S2013E133 Airdate 02-17-2013

Secret of the Nine Swords (Asia Race Part I, Macau)

S2013E132 Airdate 02-10-2013

Actors (Spy) vs. Singers (Spy)

S2013E131 Airdate 02-03-2013

The Bounty Hunters

S2013E130 Airdate 01-27-2013

Running Man Reincarnation

S2013E129 Airdate 01-20-2013

Running Winter Olympics

S2013E128 Airdate 01-13-2013

War of Money

S2013E127 Airdate 01-06-2013

War of the Zodiac Gods

Season 2012

S2012E126 Airdate 12-30-2012

Truth and Lie

S2012E125 Airdate 12-23-2012

Snowball Fight Race (Christmas Special)

S2012E124 Airdate 12-16-2012

The Man Who Became a King

S2012E123 Airdate 12-09-2012

Kimchi Making Race

S2012E122 Airdate 12-02-2012

Back To The 1980's (Time Machine)

S2012E121 Airdate 11-25-2012

007 Dark Evil

S2012E120 Airdate 11-18-2012

007 Water Sniper

S2012E119 Airdate 11-11-2012

Superpower Baseball

S2012E118 Airdate 11-04-2012

Running Man Hunter... The Final Hunt

S2012E117 Airdate 10-28-2012

Riddle Race

S2012E116 Airdate 10-21-2012

Future Ddakji

S2012E115 Airdate 10-14-2012

Incheon Landing

S2012E114 Airdate 10-07-2012

X-Man vs. Running Man

S2012E113 Airdate 09-30-2012

Absolute Ddakji

S2012E112 Airdate 09-23-2012

Daddy and the Golden Eggs

S2012E111 Airdate 09-16-2012

Middle Aged Flowers Race

S2012E110 Airdate 09-09-2012

Target Hunting

S2012E109 Airdate 09-02-2012

Four Seasons Training Race

S2012E108 Airdate 08-26-2012

Don't Walk, Date

S2012E107 Airdate 08-19-2012

Running Man Chaser

S2012E106 Airdate 08-12-2012

Find the Real Love

S2012E105 Airdate 08-05-2012

Jeju Money Game

S2012E104 Airdate 07-22-2012

Running Olympics

S2012E103 Airdate 07-15-2012

Beauty and the Beast

S2012E102 Airdate 07-08-2012

CSI: Running Man (2)

S2012E101 Airdate 07-01-2012

CSI: Running Man (1)

S2012E100 Airdate 06-24-2012

100th Episode Special: War of the Gods

S2012E99 Airdate 06-17-2012

Kings Race

S2012E98 Airdate 06-10-2012

Mystery Zombie Race

S2012E97 Airdate 06-03-2012

Asian Dream Cup 2012

S2012E96 Airdate 05-27-2012

Park Ji Sung vs. Running Man: Superpower Soccer

S2012E95 Airdate 05-20-2012

Running Man Mission: Impossible

S2012E94 Airdate 05-13-2012

Wedding Race

S2012E93 Airdate 05-06-2012

Non-Stop Survival Race

S2012E92 Airdate 04-29-2012

Running Man Chinese Delivery

S2012E91 Airdate 04-22-2012

Return of Yoomes Bond

S2012E90 Airdate 04-15-2012

Gone Fishing

S2012E89 Airdate 04-08-2012

Running Man in Wonderland

S2012E88 Airdate 04-01-2012

Running Man Code

S2012E87 Airdate 03-25-2012

First Love

S2012E86 Airdate 03-18-2012

Running Man Sports Competition

S2012E85 Airdate 03-11-2012

Running Man vs. Big Bang, Part 2

S2012E84 Airdate 03-04-2012

Running Man vs. Big Bang, Part 1

S2012E83 Airdate 02-26-2012

Nurimaru APEC House

S2012E82 Airdate 02-19-2012

Spy Game

S2012E81 Airdate 02-16-2012

What Gary Knows

S2012E80 Airdate 02-05-2012

Charlie's Angels

S2012E79 Airdate 01-29-2012

Sherlock Holmes Mystery

S2012E78 Airdate 01-22-2012


S2012E77 Airdate 01-15-2012

Running Man Bingo

S2012E76 Airdate 01-08-2012

The Killers

S2012E75 Airdate 01-01-2012

Hallyu Idol Special

Season 2011

S2011E74 Airdate 12-25-2011

The Best Running Man #2

S2011E73 Airdate 12-18-2011

Hong Kong 24 Hours, Part 2

S2011E72 Airdate 12-11-2011

Hong Kong 24 Hours, Part 1

S2011E71 Airdate 12-04-2011

Queens Race

S2011E70 Airdate 11-27-2011

KT Building

S2011E69 Airdate 11-20-2011

Grasshopper Hunting

S2011E68 Airdate 11-13-2011

Canal Walk

S2011E67 Airdate 11-06-2011

Hwaseong Coastal Village Area

S2011E66 Airdate 10-30-2011

Hangang Park

S2011E65 Airdate 10-23-2011

Baekje Military Museum

S2011E64 Airdate 10-09-2011

SNSD Special, Part 2

S2011E63 Airdate 10-02-2011

SNSD Special, Part 1

S2011E62 Airdate 09-25-2011

Running Man in China, Part 2

S2011E61 Airdate 09-18-2011

Running Man in China, Part 1

S2011E60 Airdate 09-11-2011

TruGary Show

S2011E59 Airdate 09-04-2011

Hip Hop Special

S2011E58 Airdate 08-28-2011

Jeju Island Special, Part 2

S2011E57 Airdate 08-21-2011

Jeju Island Special, Part 1

S2011E56 Airdate 08-14-2011

Middle Aged Women Special

S2011E55 Airdate 08-07-2011

High School Girl Idols Special

S2011E54 Airdate 07-31-2011

Protect The Boss

S2011E53 Airdate 07-24-2011

Running Man Hunting, Part 2

S2011E52 Airdate 07-17-2011

Running Man Hunting, Part 1

S2011E51 Airdate 07-10-2011

Running Man in Thailand, Part 2

S2011E50 Airdate 07-03-2011

Running Man in Thailand, Part 1

S2011E49 Airdate 06-26-2011

The Bodyguards

S2011E48 Airdate 06-19-2011

Raiders of the Stolen Uigwe

S2011E47 Airdate 06-12-2011

Kyobo Book Center, Part 2

S2011E46 Airdate 06-05-2011

Kyobo Book Center, Part 1

S2011E45 Airdate 05-29-2011

Cheil Advertising Agency Office, Part 2

S2011E44 Airdate 05-22-2011

Cheil Advertising Agency Office, Part 1

S2011E43 Airdate 05-15-2011

Daegu Stadium

S2011E42 Airdate 05-08-2011

The Best Running Man

S2011E41 Airdate 05-01-2011

National Digital Library of Korea

S2011E40 Airdate 04-24-2011

Petite France

S2011E39 Airdate 04-17-2011

Seoul Folk Flea Market

S2011E38 Airdate 04-10-2011

The Usual Suspects

S2011E37 Airdate 04-03-2011

Metapolis Shopping Mall

S2011E36 Airdate 03-27-2011

Nanji Camp, Part 2

S2011E35 Airdate 03-20-2011

Nanji Camp, Part 1

S2011E34 Airdate 03-13-2011

Hongdae Area

S2011E33 Airdate 03-06-2011

The Fugitive

S2011E32 Airdate 02-27-2011

Woongjin Think Big Office

S2011E31 Airdate 02-20-2011

Alpensia Ocean 700 Water Park

S2011E30 Airdate 02-13-2011

National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

S2011E29 Airdate 02-06-2011

COEX Aquarium

S2011E28 Airdate 01-30-2011

Ansung Natural Resort

S2011E27 Airdate 01-23-2011

Phantom of the Running Man

S2011E26 Airdate 01-16-2011

Nakwon Music Instruments Arcade

S2011E25 Airdate 01-09-2011

Bucheon Museum Manhwa Information Center

S2011E24 Airdate 01-02-2011

Xi Wi City

Season 2010

S2010E23 Airdate 12-26-2010

Alpensia Ski Resort

S2010E22 Airdate 12-19-2010

Lotte Mart

S2010E21 Airdate 12-12-2010

Gwangmyeong Station

S2010E20 Airdate 12-05-2010

Korea Meteorological Administration

S2010E19 Airdate 11-28-2010

Namsangol Hanok Village

S2010E18 Airdate 11-21-2010

Busan International Cruise Ship @ Gwangan Bridge

S2010E17 Airdate 11-07-2010

Hanyang Women's University

S2010E16 Airdate 10-31-2010

I'Park Mall

S2010E15 Airdate 10-24-2010

Seoul Metro Train Depot

S2010E14 Airdate 10-17-2010

Boramae Safety Experience Center

S2010E13 Airdate 10-03-2010

SBS Broadcasting Center

S2010E12 Airdate 09-26-2010

Seoul Design Fair @ Seoul Olympic Stadium

S2010E11 Airdate 09-19-2010

Seoul Central Post Office

S2010E10 Airdate 09-12-2010

National Museum of Contemporary Art

S2010E09 Airdate 09-05-2010

Lotte World

S2010E08 Airdate 08-29-2010

Seoul Museum of History, Gyeonghui Palace

S2010E07 Airdate 08-22-2010

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

S2010E06 Airdate 08-15-2010

Namsan Tower

S2010E05 Airdate 08-08-2010

Gwacheon National Science Museum, Part 2

S2010E04 Airdate 08-01-2010

Gwacheon National Science Museum, Part 1

S2010E03 Airdate 07-25-2010

Suwon World Cup Stadium, Part 2

S2010E02 Airdate 07-18-2010

Suwon World Cup Stadium, Part 1

S2010E01 Airdate 07-11-2010

Times Square


Name Running Man
Premiere 7-10-2010
Status Running
Rating 9.1
Network SBS
Schedule Day Sunday
Language Korean
Genres Comedy
# 3479