'Til Death
Name 'Til Death
Premiere 9-6-2006
Status Ended
Rating 7
Network FOX
Schedule Day Sunday
Language English
Genres Comedy, Romance
# 963

'Til Death

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In this new comedy, a pair of newlyweds, Jeff Woodcock and Steph Woodcock, who have been married 12 days, move in next door to a long-married couple. Eddie Stark and Joy Stark, who have been married for over 8,000 days, provide the younger couple with a surprising look at what their future might hold 'Til Death. Real-life husband & wife Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa are the show writers.

Season 4

S04E37 Airdate 06-20-2010

Cold Case

S04E36 Airdate 06-13-2010

Coupon Bob

S04E35 Airdate 06-06-2010

The Joy of Learning

S04E34 Airdate 05-23-2010

The Baby

S04E33 Airdate 05-16-2010

Let's Go

S04E32 Airdate 05-09-2010

Baby Steps

S04E31 Airdate 05-02-2010

Work Wife

S04E30 Airdate 04-25-2010

Brother's Keeper

S04E29 Airdate 04-18-2010

Big Man, Little Man

S04E28 Airdate 04-11-2010

Smart Phone

S04E27 Airdate 04-04-2010

Ally's Pregnant

S04E26 Airdate 04-04-2010

Family Vacation

S04E25 Airdate 03-28-2010

Sell the House

S04E24 Airdate 03-28-2010

Dog Fight

S04E23 Airdate 03-21-2010

Joy's Mom

S04E22 Airdate 03-21-2010

Ally Abroad

S04E21 Airdate 03-14-2010

The Wedding

S04E20 Airdate 03-14-2010

The New Neighbors

S04E19 Airdate 03-07-2010

Merit Pay

S04E18 Airdate 03-07-2010

The Concert

S04E17 Airdate 02-28-2010

Check Mate

S04E16 Airdate 02-28-2010

Can't Elope

S04E15 Airdate 02-21-2010

The Check-Up

S04E14 Airdate 02-21-2010

Perfect Couple

S04E13 Airdate 02-14-2010

The Break-Up

S04E12 Airdate 02-14-2010

Snore Loser

S04E11 Airdate 02-07-2010

Independent Action

S04E10 Airdate 02-07-2010

The Not-So-Perfect Couple

S04E09 Airdate 01-31-2010

Hi Def TV

S04E08 Airdate 01-31-2010

Joy's Out of Work

S04E07 Airdate 12-25-2009

The Buffer

S04E06 Airdate 12-25-2009

The Ex-Factor

S04E05 Airdate 12-25-2009

The Courtship of Eddie's Parents

S04E04 Airdate 12-25-2009

No Complaints

S04E03 Airdate 10-23-2009

Eddie's Book

S04E02 Airdate 10-09-2009

Separate Beds

S04E01 Airdate 10-02-2009

Doug and Ally Return

Season 3

S03E07 Airdate 10-08-2008

Secret Meatball

S03E06 Airdate 10-08-2008


S03E05 Airdate 10-01-2008

Philadelphia Freedom

S03E04 Airdate 10-01-2008

Sugar Dougie

S03E03 Airdate 09-24-2008


S03E02 Airdate 09-17-2008

Joy Ride

S03E01 Airdate 09-10-2008

Speed Bumps

Season 2

S02E15 Airdate 05-14-2008

Swimming with Starks

S02E14 Airdate 05-07-2008

Second Marriage Guy

S02E13 Airdate 04-30-2008

Sob Story

S02E12 Airdate 04-23-2008


S02E11 Airdate 04-16-2008

Raisinette in the Sun

S02E10 Airdate 03-25-2008

Really Big Brother

S02E09 Airdate 11-28-2007

Everybody Digs Doug

S02E08 Airdate 11-28-2007

No More Mr. Vice Guy

S02E07 Airdate 11-14-2007

Bedtime Stories

S02E06 Airdate 11-07-2007

Vintage Eddie

S02E05 Airdate 10-17-2007

Mixed Doubles

S02E04 Airdate 10-10-2007

The Tale of the Tape

S02E03 Airdate 10-03-2007

Come Out and Play

S02E02 Airdate 09-26-2007

Four Neighbors and a Funeral

S02E01 Airdate 09-19-2007

Performance Anxiety

Season 1

S01E22 Airdate 04-11-2007

Summer of Love

S01E21 Airdate 04-11-2007

Webby's Not Happy

S01E20 Airdate 04-04-2007

That's Ridiculous

S01E19 Airdate 03-28-2007

The Coffeemaker

S01E18 Airdate 03-21-2007

I Heart Woodcocks

S01E17 Airdate 03-14-2007

Clay Date

S01E16 Airdate 02-15-2007

The Italian Affair

S01E15 Airdate 02-08-2007

The Bachelor Party

S01E14 Airdate 02-01-2007

The Colleague

S01E13 Airdate 01-18-2007

Fight Friend

S01E12 Airdate 01-11-2007

The Hockey Lie

S01E11 Airdate 01-04-2007

The Anniversary Party

S01E10 Airdate 12-21-2006

Daddy's Girl

S01E09 Airdate 12-14-2006

The Toaster

S01E08 Airdate 11-30-2006

Death Sex

S01E07 Airdate 11-16-2006

Dream Getaway

S01E06 Airdate 11-09-2006

Your Mother or Your Wife

S01E05 Airdate 11-02-2006

The Garage Band

S01E04 Airdate 09-28-2006

The Wood Pile

S01E03 Airdate 09-21-2006

The Ring

S01E02 Airdate 09-14-2006

Sex for Furniture

S01E01 Airdate 09-07-2006



Name 'Til Death
Premiere 9-6-2006
Status Ended
Rating 7
Network FOX
Schedule Day Sunday
Language English
Genres Comedy, Romance
# 963